Little Liza Ruth

06-june-201420Liza has been pretty nice about me braiding her hair (in her mind she has Elsa or Ana hair). It is so darling all tidy and out of her face. This hair do doesn’t usually last long because she wants it out for her nap or bedtime. A few other things about Liza. About 3 weeks ago she started stuttering. She would stutter ‘Tru, Tru, Tru, Tru – man hit ziza” or something like that. So – mostly stuttering syllables rather than just the beginning letter sound. I thought it happened mostly when she was upset… which is true, but more recently it also happens when she’s excited or just in normal every-day talking. Perhaps this is a normal 2-year-old speech phase as her tongue is trying to catch up with her brain processing or vice versa. But we wanted to note this change in her speech patterns. What else? Potty training. She does awesome when we are away from home. But I think at home she is lazy and goes only when it is convenient. I need to crack down on wearing pull-ups. Sigh… Liza is such a delight in our home … and also has added significantly to the drama factor. Love this Liza Ruth!

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