Tonight at bed I asked Max if he was planning on wearing his sweats backwards.
We chuckled together as he turned them around.
He said, “How do parents always know when we have things on backwards?”
I answered, “We must just be so amazing!”
Max replied, “It’s like you’re Albert Einstein or something.”

oh max.

Also, the past week or so, Max has requested America the Beautiful for bedtime song.
After I sing it, he asks things like,
“What are purple mountains majesty?”

“Wait, how does it start?”
Oh beautiful for Spacious Skies.
“Oh yeah, I think I know what Spacious skies are”

“What are fruited plains?”

It was fun to explain to him about each one so he could imagine it when he hears that song.
Aren’t kids so great… learning things for the first time, fresh lessons and discoveries!
Love that about childhood!

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