Meet Johnny Blue

01 january 2013 instagram3A few months ago a gal in our ward asked if anyone wanted a beta fish. I guess someone gave it to her husband and she didn’t want it around. We jumped at this opportunity… mostly because I knew there was a Pet Care achievement and belt loop for cub scouts. And a bonus: take care of a plant. 2 in 1 adventure for Abe.

Amazingly enough… it lived past it’s first week in our home. Then it lived a month. I was pretty much amazed. I have no skills with pets. I don’t like changing the water… but I have Abe help so he can learn. I haven’t even dumped the fish down the drain yet.  Abe feeds the fish every day and checks up on him a few times a day. He has stepped up and cared for his pet quite responsibly.

Anyhoo… Abe named his fish Johnny Blue. Welcome Johnny Blue, to the Smith family. We quite like having you around.

p.s. we hope you live.

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  1. Laurie
    Laurie says:

    Fish may be the only pets I can handle. I am not a pet person. Although, I could see a lonely old Matt and Laurie with a dog. Maybe. Probably not. Matt is not a pet person either. I send my kids over to visit our neighbor’s chickens when they need an animal fix.

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