School Year 2013-2014

Today was the last day of school for the year.
Max with Mrs. Mower (teacher of the year @ the school).
Abe with Mr. Ottesen (the teacher who supposedly told the students NOT to put an egg in the microwave for 2 minutes)
Hannah with her friend Tea (since she was at lunch and not with Mrs. Hill, her teacher)




The kids were happy/sad about school ending. The sadness doesn’t usually last too long though I know they miss the routine, teacher, and friends during the summer. This is a good assortment of feelings. Maybe a little confusion about what was supposed to happen – jump, look sad, look happy, look relieved?!IMG_1577

And as not to leave Mr. Truman out … here are beginning and end of preschool pictures with the Condie’s.


Personally, I’m relieved that the pressures of projects and homework are over for a season.
I’m super relieved that some of the friend drama might subside… moving onward hopefully.
A little freaked out at how the summer will go. I’ve been planning for weeks to have a good schedule/routine for the kiddos.
We’ll mostly focus on getting along (no poking eyes out Max!! … no whapping on the head Truman!! No pushing Liza!) and getting the house in order.
And of course, family fun!
Wish us well!

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