The Pine Wood Derby

2013 01 january eWow – what a project…. an all-day family project. But – Abe did a great job. He was very specific about how he wanted it to look. Jimmy helped him cut it. Abe sanded, painted, mod-podged, and glued. It weighed exactly 5 oz… though once we got to the weigh-in their scale registered lower. Abe won 2nd in his wolf den. He was thrilled.
2013 01 january dAll the kids got York Peppermint Patty medals. Tru was thrilled! Hannah won 3rd in the family tournament. Max was really funny about his Captain America Car. He knew what wording he wanted on his car. Plus, his photos were priceless. Each child received an official award title for their car:

JW 6th Ward PineWood Derby Awards:
tru: best sticker job
max: most patriotic
hannah: the car you can hang your coat on
abe: best driver

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