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How many girlies do you know who get such royal treatment when they scrape their toe? Princess pillow and all for her wounded foot. It was quite dramatic for her to have her toe cleaned and bandaged, even with a Hello Kitty Bandaid. It’s probably quite good that this girlie won’t be the baby of the family pretty soon. She may have a bit of a shock though in 4 weeks when Baby arrives.07-july-201430In other news… we had an awesome 5 minute downpour and the boys rejoiced by jumping in the puddles. Also… Abe has been tucking Liza into bed lately. He reads her a book and sings her a song. He likes to be needed. She likes the new attention.

07-july-201429aMade ice cream tonight! It really was one of our best batches ever. Hannah declared, “This is the best ice cream I’ve ever had!” We made vanilla and added fresh/frozen raspberries. Who liked it? Hannah, Truman, dad, & mama. Liza quickly turned over her icecream cone to me… too many chunks I suppose.

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