Work will Win when Wishy Washy Wishing Won’t

Oh – sigh… once again trying to jump-start our work system.
We were in need of a revamp…
summer overhaul…
in prep for new baby…
the kids can just take over when I’m out of commission – right?!
05 may 20144
This chore chart is designed after the one my mom had.
I wasn’t going to do pictures on the name cards… but then realized I had 3 littles that would get more excited about working … if there were pictures. Tru eats up his chores and asks for more. That kid has a talent for working. I hope his pleasant attitude keeps up as he ages.

Anyhoo… I am trying to give one row of chores to the 3 oldest that is something that won’t change every week… so every Monday they can expect to do – – – , etc. And then their other chore will be something bigger – like seasonal or monthly chores. I’m hoping we can catch up on some of the big things like windows and cupboards and baseboards. Too bad bathrooms take up so much of the daily work week. I did decide to break up the bathroom chores… so mirrors, sinks, toilets, floors… so my boys can do 1 job well, instead of feeling overwhelmed by the entire bathroom at once.

Then the kids have 1 chore that they have to do all week… like sweep floors… or wash/dry laundry (which means they have a lighter work load on other daily chores) … tidy living room, etc. Honestly, I feel like each of my kids needs 3 or 4 chores a day to get things done around here. So we make ‘pick up 50 things’ a daily-do chore. Tidy your own room is included in that as well.

I honestly don’t know if it matters the system…
I listened to a talk recently by a gal who has an amazing routine and schedule.
She said:
inspect respect family work
This is definitely a challenge for me. I can hardly figure out when I’m going to follow up with everyone’s chores when I’m assisting 5 others, etc. But I feel it’s so important to teach the children that it’s not just about getting a task done… but it’s about accomplishing and having a clean home to enjoy. This week I’ve really been working on this principle of Inspecting work done.

And this is how things ended up Saturday Evening…IMG_1612
two of the boys left many of their jobs from the week undone…
which meant they spent Saturday catching up.
Hopefully they will learn from that mistake.
And right – I see that nobody (this mom!) helped Eliza do her work.

Hmmm… I can’t decide if this system will simplify things once we get rolling…
or if me having to change chores every week will be too much.
We’ll see.

Hopefully it will be onward and upward.
I know it’s always exciting for everyone to try a new system.
It’s the hanging in there when it gets tough (and people whine!) that makes it so hard to follow through.

Wish us well!

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  1. alison
    alison says:

    So awesome! I really need to implement something like this for our kids this summer. So far we have been in survival mode trying to recover from c-section and i haven’t done a darn thing! my kids watch tv all day. seriously. it’s bad. but i’m getting there. each day gets a little better in how i feel. so thankful our bodies heal. anyway, everything you make is so darn cute. can you just make doubles of everything and send the copies to me? :) You’re amazing, friend.

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