Aunt JuJu came to visit

04 april 201415
Julie came to visit from Virginia! It was the first time we’ve seen her since she, Brock, and Kota moved last summer. She is about 26 weeks pregnant with a girlie and she looked so cute! It was delightful to chat with Julie. She loves the kiddos. She took Hannah for a dessert run to the Slurp. She got to see BYU Women’s Lacrosse games and visit with friends. We loved having her stay with us. Zuzu especially loved seeing JuJu so she could show her all the pretty dresses and dance moves.

(don’t you dare comment on the morning hair/pjs/no make-up/ we all had on Conference morning. We enjoyed a nice Crepe and fruit/pudding breakfast with those siblings who dared get up before 8 a.m. It was fun to visit and have Paul, Jill, Michael & Shelby, & Juju there! John… where were you?)

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