sigh… liza is sick

This is about how happy Eliza has been this week.
Saturday = slight fever and lethargic
Saturday night = 103 fever & barf all over mom at 3 a.m. Grossest Barf EVER!
Sunday = stayed home from church with dad. fever. small barf.
Monday = fever subsides. still won’t eat or drink much. no good nap.
Tuesday = Doctor. No strep. Eyes still red. Breath still sick smelling.
Wednesday = Rash. We think it’s Roseola.
Thursday = Still fussy all morning. Won’t eat. Diarrhea. Finally try Melissa – the miracle essential oil? We’ll see if it helps. Napping in the a.m.
Friday = Let’s hope she’s doing better so mom and dad can go on their anniversary date.


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