Week in Photos

05 may 20142

1. Max’s fantastic flower sign posted in front of our house for Mother’s Day

2. Tru meticulously arranging felted dryer balls by color. Truman loves to sort. It’s one of his talents. One day we sorted the dirty laundry by color… and then once washed sorted it by person.

3. Hannah & Abe both had very, very flat tires. Jimmy bought new tubes and fixed them.

4. Tru decided he needed a hammer to fix one of the rivets on the floor. So – he went out to the garage and got a hammer. Not something I would ever encourage, but it was so cute that he was trying to hammer the rivets flat. One time he went into the garage and got a screwdriver to try and fix his dresser drawer. He realized he had the wrong size screwdriver so he ran back downstairs and got the smaller phillips head. He takes after his dad of diy fix-it-up jobs.

5. Surprise! A bunch of dirt from the front flower bed redo was put in between the shed and the fence. They were late bloomers because of the lack of sunlight, but what a delightful surprise to still have tulips after the ones in the front were dead.

6. Liza lets us cut her nails if we paint them after. This week it was sparkly gold. Aren’t her eyes gorgeous!

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