Winter Cheer

02 feb 20141This post shows what a dork I am about getting visiting teaching done. But oh well… I made an effort despite having a UTI & Sinus infection pounding headache and being nauseous with pregnancy (I’m such a whiner!). So all month I planned on getting those new phone numbers in my phone so I could call/text the sisters to set up a time. Day after day passed. On the days I planned to get out, I ended up laying in bed feeling gross (whining again!).

Finally, last week of the month… printed some cheerful prints, and gathered the Sunshine Soaps (best smelling yumminess ever!). Liza helped me package them up with another “Teachings of Jesus” message. Last day of the month… Friday @ 6 p.m. running them around (lame, I know!). 0 for 3 people! Such a bad idea. I didn’t even leave them on the doorstep because I felt so lame about it. “Something would have probably been better than nothing”… said the 11th hour Visiting Teacher. Sigh…

The good news is that I am all set for March and I just need to make appointments.

Remember when I was Relief Society President and visiting teaching was so super hard to get set up… and keep it going. All I hoped for was that the sisters would contact their 2 or 3 sisters to show love and testimony… to uplift! I told myself I’d be the best visiting teacher ever after having that calling. Ummmm… better recommit!

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  1. Heather H
    Heather H says:

    Those are adorable, wish you were my visiting teacher!! And I say good try this month as long as you reported back to your supervisor (says this visit teaching supervisor… who hates tracking down her sisters) :)

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