Words of the Year 2020

Eliza and I have been doing a 3×5 art-card-a-day project. Wanting to think on a solid topic that had been in my mind, I thought I’d digitally create word art. Not very artsy but it’s important to my heart so I’ll count it.

FAITHFUL…. Not just faith, but one who is full of faith, one who acts in faith. I gathered Bible Dictionary definitions, gospel topic’s reference, scriptures, and conference quotes for the compilation (nothing referenced, sorry!).

FAITHFUL led to HOPE which led to LIGHT and then LOVE. They are basic principles of the gospel, but when my heart is discouraged or feels dark or depressed, I need these simple truths to relight my attitude and perspective … like Spiritual Affirmations.

Each word is something I am striving to be in these specific circumstances of 2020:

  • Be faithful to the truth I know through study and prayer.
  • Focusing on Hope in Christ to bring Joy to dark days.
  • Looking to the light and acting in ways that bring light, doing things to fill my soul with light.
  • Love. Praying with all my heart to be filled with the Love of God to manage my own emotions and mental health, mothering kids of all ages, as well as loving and teaching one with unique brain differences.

#faithfulness #hope #light #love

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