Last Snow Cone Day – Summer 2014

08-august-20146Today was the Last Snow Cone Sale Day of the summer. We only did it 4 or 5 times . . . much less frequent than last summer. This mama is getting tired near the end of this pregnancy! Oh wait, I think I’m always tired.

But we were trying to get as close as possible to breaking even money-wise. Our new machine put us a bit over the top this year, but by next year things will even out and we’ll totally make $.

It is also so fun to visit with other neighbors/moms that come.

Plus, Hannah and Abe have learned to work well together. They got most everything set up today (with Daniel Rencher’s help) since I was at the dentist. Hannah did the syrups. Abe & Daniel did the outdoor set-up with tent and picnic table. Max was in charge of setting up the chairs.

We’ve worked with the kids on customer service and on cleanliness when serving others. We try to keep things tidy and clean around here during snow cones.

Today Hannah sold 5 bookmarks. Love those bright colors! Abe made $3.25 selling origami creations!

A few things we might change next year:
– Have fewer flavors. This year we increased the flavors by just a few. Financially it didn’t benefit us though it was fun to try new flavors and combos. We sent out a survey to help narrow down flavors for future years. You can click HERE for results.

– Last summer we had a set time to do snow cones. Thursday from 11-2 or whatever. This year we just had to schedule it when it worked for us, which meant no consistent day or time. I think this may have had an influence on number of customers… which was decreased this year. Who knows… But for consistency sake for us and customers, I would recommend having a set day and time.

– Tent! Love our tent. Am sad it got bent, though it is still functional. Definitely a must for shade for chatting mamas.

I’ll add other things as I remember our other ideas for future Smith Family snow cone stands.

p.s. today was a weird day. i felt like a horrible mother. i woke up at 7 to tend to liza. then after an hour, i went back to bed for a snooze/body rest. i felt like the kids were on their own for breakfast. max ate oatmeal at 11 for breakfast. i’m pretty sure tru played my ipad for most of the day. ugh. when he wasn’t doing that, he was causing mischief when Hannah was babysitting. I got up, got ready and went to the dentist to get a cavity filled… which turned into 2 cavities filled. I barely made it home in time for snow cones. A frame had fallen off the wall and Hannah had to clean up that mess. I told her to send the littles to the Condie’s since Tru was hitting her with a stick. Oh my! Just a crazy time. Poor Hannah. Snow cones days are fun… but the littles just kind of wander around the house and yard playing with friends. They check in occasionally with me, but it makes me feel like we have a crazy life. I’m used to keeping the kids closer under my wing. Jimmy brought home Papa Murphy’s for dinner and then he mowed the lawn. I pushed Tru and Liza on the swings… we got kids in bed. And I sighed. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be a more attentive mother. I have no dr appointments. So we’ll put ourselves back together, eat healthy meals with fruits and veggies, and get into a familiar routine (that does not involve Truman playing the computer/ipad all day!). There is HOPE for tomorrow.

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