Day 5: Old Spaghetti Factory & Swimming

07-july-2013-seattle-trip23This Monday night Family Home Evening dinner was Hannah’s favorite of the trip. Hurray for Spaghetti! I was so sad that Abe barfed right before we went in. His tummy was not feeling the best. I think he must have overeaten pretzels in the car because after we got back to the hotel he was fine and joined the family in swimming. Noodles are his favorite… and all he had was Sprite! Tru was way intense and found some utensils to hit together (he is entranced by the clanging of two objects). I’m sure it drove everyone around us crazy… but we were just glad he wasn’t having a huge tantrum. Large crowded noisy places aren’t the best environment for this sensory-sensitive kid.

Max started from here on out having awesome poses. The one on the couch is my favorite. And yes, Tru is biting his nails in that picture. I loved when he wore his Fedora Hat. He usually had it on backwards with the tag hanging down on his forehead. He has his own style, that’s for sure. Hannah’s pose in the single fancy chair was imitating a lady we saw on the news. She had some crazy slanting going on with her legs. Hannah was a fun spirit on our trip to help lighten the mood.

The kids had fun swimming at the hotel after dinner. There was a waterfall that the kids jumped through. This was the coldest swimming pool of all. Tru became a little fish. Liza stuck her legs in the hot tub again. Max tried to be so brave and swim by himself.

Can you believe we’re all still going? Traveling is hard on our family. We’re hanging in there at this point!

Day 5: American Girl Store

american-girls-webMiss Hannah was excited about going to the American Girl Store in the same mall as the Lego Store. She was very patient in the Lego Store until we could go to the girlie store. The boys were not as patient in the girlie store.

Hannah wanted to buy matching glasses for Kit. So cute! She was really being thrifty with her money and chose not to buy the earrings for Kit. We found a darling outfit to save for Birthday or Christmas. It was fun to look around at the darling outfits and dolls. Next time we will try and go without the boys. I do believe that in his loudest little voice Tru said, “I have to go poop!” when we were surrounded by other female shoppers. Oh well. Sigh. Such is life.

Cute Hannah & Kit!

Day 5: The Lego Store

Monday, July 8, 2013
Because our hotel situation had changed (we were originally staying right by Jimmy’s conference in downtown so he could walk to and from his 3-day Moz Conference … and we could be close to the hotel on our downtown outings. Well… largest room occupancy was 4 people.  We knew they would kick us right out. Not gunna work… so we finally found a hotel with openings for 6 (plus an infant) about 30 minutes away in Lynnwood) we ended up driving Jimmy each day to his conference & pick him up … during rush hour traffic. Bless you Express Lane. Bless you Google Maps (when you actually led me the right way).

Anyhoo… that was an adventure.

After we got back to the hotel, we headed to the Lego Store. This was the ultimate highlight of the trip for Abe. He was glowing.07-july-2013-seattle-trip21-copyAbe wandered around carefully looking at all the items in his price range. He has been saving his money to be able to buy some lego kits. He ended up buying 2 Chima Speedorz that were 20% off. There were only a few things on sale and he knew his money would go further if he bought sale items. Good work Abe.
07-july-2013-seattle-trip20Hannah loved putting together the minifigures. She mixed and matched and helped put together our entire family in Lego People. She and I built a temple (nice angel Moroni, eh?) She built a home, a picnic scene, a hotdog stand. She helped Max built his Superman kit.

07-july-2013-seattle-trip22-copyTruman and I built Ewar. It required much patience on my part, but he helped put the pieces together and was so proud of his accomplishment. I went to take a nap for a little while during quiet time and he ended up peeing on the couch at the hotel. Arg. It was so embarrassing to tell the front desk so they could clean the couch. He learned a good lesson hopefully. Tru actually did much better on our trip than I anticipated. He only had a few major tantrums. He was intense. But he slept well and let Hannah be his buddy.

Anyhoo… the Lego Store – super place to visit!

Day 4: Quiet Time & Duct Tape

07-july-2013-seattle-trip19-copyQuiet time on a Sunday at a hotel is a little different than quiet time at home on a Sunday. But Miss Hannah found a quiet project to do… make a duct tape purse. She attended Duct Tape Camp with the Utah County 4-H group the week before our trip. She is quiet the little Duct Tape Artist, especially with all those ruffles!

Day 4: Snoqualmie Falls

A bit of nature on the Sabbath
Snoqualmie Falls
a 268 ft Waterfall. Named after the Snoqualmie (S·dukʷalbixʷ) Tribe

This was a really neat waterfall to see.
The hiking trail was under construction so it worked out perfectly for us to schedule this on Sunday,
where we could enjoy nature and God’s creations.

Day 4: Seattle Temple

Sunday, July 7, 2013
Seattle Temple
We were missing home … so the temple was a good place to be.
“In addition to temples, surely another holy place on earth ought to be our homes.
The feelings of holiness in my home prepared me for feelings of holiness in the temple.”
—James E. Faust
IMG_1719 copyA morning at the temple.
beautiful grounds.
lovely flowers.
sweet spirit.
IMG_1733 copy
We had a mini primary.
Abe & Hannah gave talks.07-july-2013-seattle-trip17One of 5 temples featuring an angel Moroni statue holding the gold plates.
The last temple dedicated by President Spencer W. Kimball (1980).
19th Operating Temple

07-july-2013-seattle-trip16“Within the sound of my voice are many young women, young men, and children.
I plead with you to be worthy, to be steadfast,
and to look forward with great anticipation to the day
you will receive the ordinances and blessings of the temple.”
—David A. Bednar

Day 3: The Bigelows

Collages-copyMark & Heidi were friends from BYU. They went on their first date with us to a Peter Breinholt concert at Sundance (the day we hiked Timp & my eyes got sunburned). They have 3 (almost 4) little boys. They are sweet and fun. The kids loved the chickens & the tetherball game. It was fun to catch up (never enough time to chat though). Thanks friends for hosting us, letting us use your washing machine, and letting us bombard your backyard and Saturday evening!

Day 3: Ginkgo Petrified Forest

07-july-2013-seattle-trip13-copyCool to see the petrified wood …
amazing how it was changed to stone… heavy… awesome stone.
it was hot.
we did not tarry long.

Day 3: driving, driving, driving

07-july-2013-seattle-trip14-copyso many wind farms. rEally cool to see.
Max found a balloon in his backpack full of road-trip goodies.
Liza had a hard time sitting so long … enter – sucker… a big huge yummy sucker. smiles.
we see mountains … beautiful green mountains.

Day 3: Wanapum Dam

07 july 2013 seattle trip12 copyJimmy really wanted to stop and see Brownlee Dam but it was way off the beaten path. We happened upon Wanapum Dam which was cool to see. The water from the Columbia River came out of the Dam so forcefully. There were loads of fisherman in the calm water hopefully catching all the fish hiding there. So interesting!