Growing Green

Introducing Heather’s Color of 2013: Green.
Not because I saw a girl’s shirt that said this:
green is the new pink
But because in winter spirits are dreadfully tired of gray and white.
Green it is…

Yeah – I wrote this in January… but am publishing it now.
And since it snowed today, I guess this can be fresh encouragement.

Another fresh new year is here . . .
Another year to live!
To banish worry, doubt, and fear,
To love and laugh and give!

This bright new year is given me
To live each day with zest . . .
To daily grow and try to be
My highest and my best!

I have the opportunity
Once more to right some wrongs,
To pray for peace, to plant a tree,
And sing more joyful songs!

~ William Arthur Ward


Mostly I feel like I need to focus on GROWing.
Growing more wise.
Growing through challenges.
Growing as a mother.
Growing in spiritual strength.
Growing healthier.
Growing despite struggle (or because of struggle).
Growing better.
Growing brighter.
Growing more joyful in optimism.
Growing in patience & LOVE.

Love Green… and growth… and all the good that comes from it … as hard as it is.

Sure & Steadfast … Steadying the Ship – The Power of Peace

I was asked to share a 30 minute message on “Steadying the Ship: The power of peace.” at the AFG Retreat. It was such a blessing to study and prepare this message. Knowing how one should act and feel is much easier than doing – hence I am continually a work in progress in this area.2013 afg retreatThis is the one-page handout I shared.

peace handout1

Sure & Steadfast … God is in the Details

Academy RetreatI know that all the cute details aren’t essential to having a great retreat. But these gals sure know how to do it well. Having a theme helped all of us center our thoughts and link principles and truths together.

The details, planning, and implementation remind me that like these gals who are mindful in planning these events, God is greatly involved in the details in our life. He is mindful in his plans for us.god is in the detailsThis principle reminds me of how essential it is for us as mothers to be in the details of our kids lives (not in their face… in the details). Private conversations, or getting the scoop after a long day at school, snacks and chats, hugs and encouragement… the details. “That other souls may feel His Love through me.”

Some of the lessons I took away:

Missionary Work: I don’t have to be the same kind of missionary as others, I can be the best ‘heather’ missionary I can be. The Power of Every Day Missionaries shared by Emily.

Preach my Gospel Manual: Jennifer shared some fabulous ideas of how to use this book to teach our children, to use in scripture study. I especially liked the ‘Attributes of Christ’ page for encouragement and inspiration for me and my family.

Make Lemonade: A good reminder to look for the positive. Also laughed at ‘unless life also hands you sugar and water, your lemonade is going to be gross.’

Sure & Steadfast: Loved the scripture theme and the thoughts shared about life experiences making us stronger and wiser like the old worn dock rope.

Breathe… Take a deep breath to feel the Holy Ghost, to calm down, to smile, to feel gratitude, to say a prayer. Be Still.

Anyhoo… I don’t have time to type up all my notes and thoughts, but there were so many reminders that God loves us… that we have so many great resources available if we take the time to study them.

Sara talked about re-entry back into regular life… preparing to enter the harbor… and how we can take the messages home with us. I felt so encouraged that I could be more loving, full of the spirit, and guided as a mother. Coming home to reality dampened that a little, but occasionally I review my notes and the messages shared and I feel the Holy Ghost whisper that ‘there is always hope.’Academy Retreat1I recommitted to:
1. Be Still / Know God / Testify
2. Fill my life with that which uplifts… scriptures, pray for divine guidance, music, light.
3. Choose the better part / pray to prioritize daily “Please guide me serve this day.”

p.s. thanks to Heidi Lawson for the fabulous photos of this retreat.

Sure & Steadfast … Kindred Spirits

I had the opportunity to meet up this past weekend with some friends who were all counselors at Academy for Girls, back in the day… 1998 for me. These gals are kindred spirits. When I’m in their presence, I feel like they get who I am. Perhaps it is because we shared similar experiences … or because we desire similar things, but it’s just great to sit in the midst of such good women and feel strengthened by the Spirit of God.AFG2013_0047We Retreated to Midway, to Katie Hughes parents home for 2 days. We shared special quotes and scriptures. We had workshops. They did crafts and had a service project and fireside (I missed that part as I didn’t stay overnight). We ate the tastiest food that definitely warmed my heart and stomach. Plus we came home with so many goodies to remind us of that great Spirit we felt… to keep the good things going in our lives. So grateful for these great gals.IMG_20130321_121732