Outside my window… it’s dark and quiet. Today we got lots of snow. Then the sun came out and brightened my day.

I am thinking… about when Abe told me today that my stomach is getting bigger. Just what a woman wants to hear. NOT!

I am thankful for… righteous people all around the world {of all religions} doing good, teaching their children, battling evil, focusing on the spiritual and family, and doing their best to live a virtuous and pure life. Makes me realize we’re not alone in our efforts.

From the learning rooms…
Hannah: practicing her part as “the beautiful princess” in her class play.
Abraham: learning that life isn’t always about having fun… there is work involved.. like school.
Max: going potty. He’s doing great.
Truman: learning not to bite… also learning to say lots of words.
Heather: ever-learning to be patient.
Jimmy: learning the ropes of his new job…new department culture.

From the kitchen… the smell of delicious homemade pizza pockets from dinner. Tru ate as much as Jimmy… where does he fit it all?

I am wearing… the usual… comfy frumpy clothes.

I am creating… a life for my children. My hope is that this life is filled with hard work, rejoicing, laughter, peace, hope, determination, virtue … solid on the rock of Christ.

I am going… to keep a goin’… growin’ this wee little babe… and tryin’ to keep up with the other 4 tots.

I am reading… “Happiness, your Heritage” by Dieter F. Uchtdorf. “As you take the normal opportunities of your daily life and create something of beauty and helpfulness, you improve not only the world around you but also the world within you.”

I am hoping… that the deer won’t eat my tulips this year.

I am hearing… the sound of silence. Just put the tots in bed. Rejoice in the stillness.

Around the house… I can always find signs of life and children.

One of my favorite things… big smiles, sparkly eyes, and chuckles from my tots.

A few plans for the weekend: Laundry, tidying, Super Mario … the norm. Uncle Paul’s Basketball game… Max can’t wait! Dinner with the Smiths… welcome Mary!

A quote I like: “Do not disdain the small. The whole of life – even the hard – is made up of the minute parts, and if I miss the infinitesimals, I miss the whole … There is a way to live the big of giving thanks in all things. It is this: to give thanks in this one small thing. The moments add up.” from One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp

A picture I love:This photo was taken in Chandler, AZ, in April 2004… one month before we had Abe. This would be a normal hair-do for me when my hair is long enough to pull back… which is exactly why I need to cut it at the present moment. Isn’t Miss Hannah cute? I can see a little of Truman in her.

deLIGHTful news

I don’t know why I feel so silly finally writing this post. Perhaps it’s because for the last 8 weeks I’ve been trying to figure out how I’ll survive life with 5 little ones under the age of 8… with 3 of those under the age of 3.  It still seems unreal to me.  But … the time has come to share our DELIGHTFUL news… (well… it will feel more delightful when my all-day nausea stops). Here I am at 13 weeks. Ta-da! The past 7 weeks have been pretty hard ’round here. First Trimester is not my fav. Food is definitely not my friend lately.  My family wonders where their mom has gone. Hopefully she’ll show up in full glory (or even half-glory) in a week or two. The kids have been excited about this news. Abe couldn’t contain his excitement and told the first people he saw even though we asked them to wait a bit. He’s sure it’s a boy. Odds in the Smith extended family would prove him right.  My hopeful heart would enjoy another girlie for some balance in the fam. Whatever our baby is, we will love him/her. I’ll have a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks or so. Another HUGE adventure… here weeeeeeeee come!


Outside my window… it’s freezing cold, snowy, with gray skies.

I am thinking… about summer and warmer days… walks and bike rides and family basketball games

I am thankful for… Jimmy. I must be the most frustrating wife ever these days… and his heart is full of love and patience.

From the learning rooms… parenting!! I’ve been thinking about different things my kids need and how we can be good parents to them as they grow up facing a mean world. Love, love, love!

From the kitchen… a pile of dishes waiting for me. Of course.

I am wearing… pjs. They might just stay on all day.

I am creating… not much on the computer these days. I love creating our weekly family photo page when I have energy.

I am going… to think positive thoughts today. I think I can, I think I can!

I am reading… nothing much right now. My brain is too tired to think. I’m still trying to squeeze in some Book of Mormon and Gen Conference talks. Now, my kids… they are reading up a storm for the Jazz read-a-thon. Go kids!

I am hoping… my cold goes away and I feel better very, very soon.

I am hearing… Truman’s car police siren, Max’s movie… Polar Express.

Around the house… we need to gather laundry and tidy toys. I just vacuumed up a bunch of mashed corn chex… courtesy Truman.

One of my favorite things… peaceful, happy times with the fam.

A few plans for the weekend: date night with Jimmy at home, family pizza and movie night (Nanny McPhee Returns), get rid of this cold!

A picture I love:

Celebrating 35

Sunday was my 35th Birthday.  Hip-hip-hooray! … well, as exciting as adult birthdays are.

I thought I’d celebrate by adding 35 life memories to the family history record:

1. Cow named Cornflakes… Horse named Becky
2. Family trips to Jackson… photo on the log fence
3. Green Station Wagon, Red Fury, Blue Bug, The Silver Bullet
4. Squishing the entire fam into the pulsar… Blue moon, Crystal Gale, Beach Boys
5. Getting stung by a bee on my hot wheels in Salem
6. Living on a dirt road in Salem… totally cool attic to play in with Manwaring center carpet
7. Video games and air hockey at Ricks College – Go Dig Dug & Pac Man
8. Running up and down hills at BYU with Steph. Skinned Knee from tripping. aak!
9. Tee-pee and Indian Dress-up, reinacting 7-up commercial, Amy braiding hair or in pink curlers
10. Building huge swingsets and forts out of logs
11. Family trip to San Diego… swimming at Grandpa’s… Disneyland
12. Sleeping in unfinished houses… earwigs galore. Love the smell of new houses … all that wood.
13. Thick window sills to sit in and read
14. Carpeted Phone Booth
15. Building forts, playing in walk-in closet with stuffed animals
16. Swimming at Ricks College with Mill Hollow yogurt after
17. “Stinky feet – they taste so delicious.” Silly songs with siblings while warming feet on the heater
18. Hand Stand contests, jumping rope, volleyball, tether ball, basketball with siblings
19. Indian Necklaces with Jim Griggs
20. 5th Year Girls Camp – riding horses in the mountains… digging latrines, building tent cover, lashing, knots, Mary Lou
21. 4 wonderful babies… 4 c-sections… 4 recoveries
22. Waterton Canada with Swing Choir
23. Living in 4 states with a variety of neat adventures with Jimmy and tots. Alligators, beach, cactus, forest, humidity, mountains, hiking, lakes.
24. Adventure class with Lisa at BYU… snow shoeing, camping at Goblin Valley, canoeing, cross-country skiing
25. Hiking Mt. Timp twice.
26. Working at Electrical and Computer Engineering Department with Ann and Steph
27. Graduating from BYU with Bachelor’s in Human Development. Going through the temple for 1st time on that same day in August 1999.
28. Disney World with Jimmy to meet his fam for the 1st time
29. My love to stay at home … yep, I’m a homebody. Love hometown of Sugar City too. It’s dear to my heart.
30. Pretty much love clouds. I have oodles of photos of fluffy clouds and blue skies.
31. Homemade bread and stew. Comfort foods from mom.
32. After-school snacks and chatting up at the counter.
33. Piano lessons with Sister Gee. Festivals, recitals. Love playing the piano.
34. Sports… sitting the bench, loving volleyball, scared of real games, loved playing for fun. Running in the winter… bitter cold in Idaho.
35. Heart-felt 35th Birthday presents from Hannah and Abe