we 3 kings … modern style?

i’ve never quite liked this song until now.
i love that these guys have fun with music.
and call me a nerd… for i must love slapstick humor…
i loved that they were trying to push the piano at the end.
made me chuckle.

laughing is good.

Little Jerusalem Music

Love this music/video. I imagine they went to the Church’s Little Jerusalem in Utah.

happy tunes

this is one of my new piano guys favorites.

happy music.  love it. happy scenery. love it too.

p.s.  and eliza liked it too.  she kept turning to me and commenting in baby-eese like she wanted to converse about it.

music for a monday

Happy Together

This Piano Guys video totally brightened my morning. I had “so happy together” running through my mind over and over. p.s. Tru’s favorite part is the disco dancing.

I especially like this song because of the memory of the day of our first kiss. We had just played basketball and were driving home in my car named ‘Bueno'(yes… it was “good” to us). So Happy Together came on the radio and we sang it with the windows down. We went and ate pizza and watched Sabrina with Mary & Jeff. It was a really good and happy day together. Then we kissed. The end… or was it the beginning? This is an ancient scrapbook page I made back when I used to pretend to scrapbook.

The good news is that I’m still happy together with Jimmy. Love ya babe!

might be one of my favorites

is it because it’s warm, sunny … on the beach… with greeeeeeen?
and i’m in utah in the cold and it’s snowing outside… brrr…

or is it the simple gifts song i love…
with a non-cheesy over the rainbow compilation.

i like.

“ja. this is good for my heart.”

Spontaneous Monday

I just discovered this cute lds gal, Lindsey Stirling, through a friend. Don’t you think she finds delight in her violin talent? She’s bouncy, smiley, and bright. Though her style is so different from mine (really – can you imagine me being able to dance around like that? the thought makes me laugh.), I love that she is confident in her style and music. These are my two favorite Lindsey Stirling videos.

Spontaneous Me!

The River flows in you!

Now – we just need to get her together with Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson for a fun music video.

Tru’s “Bideo”

Often when I’m feeding Eliza and having computer time, Tru climbs on my lap and wants a “Bideo”. These are his favorites (well… besides his 7 second ‘Bacon’ video). You can tell I’ve influenced him since they all involve piano and cello. But I do love that he likes them. He even recognizes the cello. Maybe he’ll be my musical son someday. I wanted to post the videos here so I can find them easier for our music time.


Yesterday we had a rainy afternoon. I had 3 tots on my lap with Hannah and Abe standing on either side… we watched a bunch of these PianoGuys movies. Even the kids liked the tunes. They started dancing. It was a good memory of “GATHERING” around to enjoy music together.


Said Hannah after watching the “Rolling in the Deep” video with vocals. “I wonder if when I grow up I can sing that fancy. My friends think I can sing fancy right now. One time I accidentally was singing fancy and my friends were like ‘Whoa’ and their eyes almost popped out of their head.” It was so cute to see how animated she was.

Isn’t Music Grand!

A little music for a Rainy Wednesday Morning

Here’s a cool new music video by Jon Schmidt and Steven Nelson. Pretty amazing musicians, I’d say. The only thing… I can’t tell what songs they mashed… who’s Michael… and where’s the Mozart? Let me know if you figure it out.