Bountiful Utah Temple

IMG_3271 copyFriday we went to Bountiful to visit Grandma Price. We haven’t been to the Bountiful temple for a long time so we walked around the grounds. Grandpa was serving inside that very temple as a temple sealer/coordinator! So neat!

I felt bad that we were all in shorts (ready for the upcoming hike) but hopefully Heavenly Father was just glad the kiddos were there. I have to say they were quite well behaved too. The Bountiful temple is lovely… as are the grounds. I especially liked the roses!
I hope my children grow up to LOVE the temple! There is a special feeling there.

IMG_3274 copy1

Temple Blessings

Last week I headed to the Mt. Timp temple for some peace… and quiet… and more peace. “Please help me know how to parent this 4-year-old” sort of prayer. “Please help me keep my head above water.”

This was a scripture that kept coming to mind… something I had shared in Relief Society the previous Sunday. As I feel the Love of God, I can share that Love with my family. Christ brings us rest and strengthens a weary heart!
ephesians 3 14 through 19

I happened to see the newest temple instruction film. I loved the music at the beginning… so jubilant and full of joy. JOY in CREATION! It mellowed a bit and the cellos came through with a message of peace and stillness. I walked out of the temple to see glorious light bursting through the trees. There is ALWAYS HOPE!
IMG_20140717_192650 copy

Tonight… I escaped to the temple. I ran away. Yes, it’s true. Running away to the temple can’t be a bad thing, can it? Seeking peace and answers to prayers and love. I went to Jordan River for a change. I was tired beyond tired and feeling really super gynormous pregnant… with a sciatic acting up. An older temple worker Sister was full of smiles as I came down the escalator as she exclaimed “You look adorable!” Bless her soul forever for lifting my spirits!
IMG_20140725_201135 copy1

The scripture I read while waiting was this…
alma 58 10 through 13I loved the POWER of the words… the testimony of prayer and deliverance from trials … the tender mercies & miracles in this chapter… the FAITH He will bless us with … the COURAGE and MIGHT that God will give us as we rely on Him. There is ALWAYS Hope!

This sunset greeted me as I drove past the ponds in the neighborhood. Sweet is the PEACE the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings!
IMG_20140725_203822 copy

“Is this the REAL Temple Square?”

Last minute lunch date with dad @ Temple Square – Church Office Building Cafeteria.
Kid’s love eating there.
I got salad and a chocolate chip macaroon (for my treat.)
Boys got hot dogs, soda, and frozen yogurt.
It’s always fun to see Dad in the middle of the day.
After lunch I took the kids to a few sites.
The Christus. Tru (in awe!): “Is that really Jesus’ voice?”
South Visitor’s Center miniature temple model. Abe had lots of questions.
The old Tabernacle with hard benches. Kids were amazed at how small it was compared to the new conference center.
Joseph Smith Memorial Building – small, medium, large Joseph Smith statues.
Family History Center Children’s Center. Hannah & Abe gathered family history activity papers.
Liza loved the kitchen toys and dolls. The kids played. I rested (one weary mama!).
After getting our picture taken at the wharf at Ellis Island with the Statue of Liberty in the harbor, we headed back to the car under the church office building.
YourPhoto copy copy
We were all super tired and hot. But it was good to see a few new things at Temple Square.
The flowers were lovely. The kids loved the fountains (as always).
We said hello to many smiley sister missionaries.
We met a kind fellow with an English accent who was amazed at us having 5 (nearly 6) kids.
“You’ve got your hands full.”
You got that right buster.
Though I still can’t muster the courage to add “as well as a heart full of love.”

Lovely Temple Evening

06 june 201411After our scrumptious waffle dinner, we headed to the Mt. Timpanogos Temple to enjoy the pleasant weather and the shady grounds. The air smelled like flowers. Temples always have the best grass, don’t they! Getting five kids to politely smile for a picture is nearly impossible so I guess we’ll go with the candid shot… with Liza struggling to keep her dress down over her pull-up.

IMG_2331 copy

prepare now temple dalton

The Temple Strengthens my Family : LOVE

4x3 temple love family
I keep going back to the Ensign cover with this temple picture on it.
So gorgeous and full of LIGHT!
(plus, there are amazing clouds!)

Sorry if my last post seemed negative.
Rough days are part of life.
But the glorious bit is that THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE…
for a sunny tomorrow…
the Gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us that.

Spring Break: Temple Square

Today’s Spring Break Outing was meeting Grandma & Grandpa Price at the Church history museum. The weather was PERFECT! The flowers are starting to bloom. The kids had fun in the children’s history museum section. Liza loved the spanish dancing and the kitchen/food. Tru loved the scout bugle calls, the hilarious oldie scout gymnastics movie, and fishing on Nephi’s boat. Max, Hannah, & Abe enjoyed trying each activity. Throwing pennies in the fountain is always a treat when with Gr & Gr Price. Thanks for the mighty great time together!04 april 20142

The Temple Strengthens our Family!
You should have heard the cheers and exclamations
and pitter-patter of children’s feet running up the sidewalk
to meet and hug dad. Super Special moment!
Joy in being together!

Fort Lauderdale Florida Temple

What wonderful news we received in October 2009 – that a temple would be built in Fort Lauderdale. When we lived in Sunrise, FL, Jimmy and I always speculated about lots for a future temple. We weren’t correct on it’s actual location, but look at how close it was to our townhome? 8 minute drive … 4.7 miles! So cool!
Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 1.42.35 PM

Wards have changed so much since we moved 11 years ago. The Weston Ward (which was technically barely large enough to be called a ward)… was disbanded. So many members moved out of Weston. I believe it was combined with the Davie Ward. Anyhoo… living in Florida was such an interesting eye-opening adventure for me. I’m glad we had that experience. Perhaps someday we’ll get back to visit and show our kids that lovely temple!

Stephen & Lisa Smith’s family (who moved to Coral Springs, FL, in the stake just north of the one we were in) went to the open house last Saturday. What joy! I wish I could go too! I loved seeing the pictures from the Mormon Newsroom.
fort-lauderdale-florida-temple-opensThe palm trees, the rainy day sidewalks (downpour every day at 4 p.m.), the lakes (which are everywhere!), the blue/green colors, the Florida style! So great. Enjoy the new temple, Florida friends!temple promise

The Temple Strengthens our Family: the Spirit of Missionary Work

We’ve had an unusually warm February and today seemed like the perfect weather to get out of the house and into the sunshine. We headed to the Provo Temple. We weren’t the only ones with this idea. I guess on Sundays the missionaries at the MTC get some free time to walk around the temple. It was fabulous to see so many missionaries. We chatted with quite a few… some going to Brazil, some to Florida, some to Russia… others to Japan. They were all so excited to leave the MTC to share the gospel with others.

Our kids enjoyed shaking hands with missionaries, rolling down the hills (I know, not the most reverent… but it’s Feb… and it’s sunny!), and seeing the water fountains. Going to the temple is generally a successful family activity which makes it a grand idea!
IMG_0441 copy

13th Anniversary of Engagement

IMG_4054 copyInstead of making it on a date to our engagement spot, we took the kids there to tell them about when dad proposed to mom. I’m so glad we did this! I read the kids part of my journal about the proposal. We showed them pictures that we took. We talked about eternal covenants.

Most of all, Truman was too excited to play in the leaves at the park across the street from the Mt. Timp temple.IMG_4027 copyWe buried the boys in leaves and out them came… one as a mummy… one as a zombie… one as an Abraham!10 october 201315 copy-001I sure love Jimmy. I was thinking about how different our life is now with 5 kids compared to 2000 when we were single and dating. Many more challenges, but a life filled with blessings.10 october 201317 copyThanks babe for being a good husband and father to our family!20131025_182447

The Big Red Barn Field Trip

Last week we went on a Preschool Field Trip with the Condie’s.  The Kindergarteners came with us as it was an afternoon event.  It was chilly… and that snow was way too close on the mountain.  But we all had fun together.  Picking out pumpkins was cold and a bit dirty, but still great for the kids.  Max wanted an orange one.  Tru wanted a green one.

The kids loved the slide.  Max went right now the shorter slide.  Tru went down that one and then cruised up to the top to go down the tall one.  Whoa!  He loved it.  Eventually Max got up the courage to climb the high stairs and go down.  Must have loved it because he wanted to go down again.  Liza and I stuck to the little slide.10-october-201310It was a fun outing in Santaquin for our field trip. Plus, we got to see the Payson temple under construction.Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 10.19.53 PM(Thank you for the photo. You see… I was driving on the freeway and couldn’t get a great photo).