the LIGHT wall

Ever since I let go of the idea that anything hung on the walls had to be fancy or expensive, I’ve really enjoyed thinking of ideas for wall themes.

WE’ve got the U.S. & World maps with stickers for temples, the proclamation & family wall, the Living Christ wall, the corner for smith fam silhouettes. In the works are a LIGHT wall full of happy colors & messages of truth, an America wall that highlights some of the states where we’ve lived, a words from the prophets wall, choose the right wall, and a wall for motherhood.

I decided that since I love cheerful colors, why not decorate with them. Al-righty then. These are some of the messages & pictures for the LIGHT wall. I got 35 free royalty-free images for signing up for an account at deposit photos (i cancelled once I used all the freebies). That site is where I got these great images. I added the scriptures & quotes which made for a cheerful project this week.

love ya hon

Missing my love. I like US!

I love the doctrine of family, marriage, eternity together, love.

Proclamation – Family – Temple

You know when you have a glorious idea for family home evening and you plan it for weeks… and then when you actually have it, it’s not quite like you envisioned. Yes. This happens. It happened on Monday. But – ya know – despite its imperfections, it’s still a fun memory for me. I hope my kids will remember it too. There was craziness and hitting (from the littles) and arguing (who got more turns putting on stickers … and who got to hold pictures) … but the Spirit was there as much as possible and so hopefully the kids learned something.

The Message: Temples & Families can be Together Forever

The Activity: Pin a few more stickers on temples in the United States… we’re about half-way done.

The Goal for 2012: Earn as many pennies as we can for the ‘Temple Building Fund’. The kids loved running all over the house trying to find all the lost stashes of coins. They’ve even contributed a few of their own $$ which is a huge sacrifice because they hardly ever have $$. (I loved Jimmy’s idea to add these coins to our Counting Money Jar and each year we’ll contribute to a different church fund).

And then… today I finally got some new pictures on the wall. I think the last time I changed the pictures in the frames in the stairway was in Arizona… like 6 years ago. Nice! And in our bedroom we had those 2 frames with all the models staring at us for like 2 years (sideways no-less). Now we have our children smiling back at us. It’s nice. My favorite wall is the play room with the proclamation and family pictures. I so don’t know how to arrange a cool collage like that but since it is lined up on the top and some of the sides, I guess we’ll keep it.

Nothing in our home is fancy. I’ve come to grips that I have no style or trendiness in me. The breakables can’t even be out right now in this stage. But I hope my kids will have good memories of this home and that what is on the walls will remind them that our goal is ETERNAL LIFE … to be together as a family in the Celestial Kingdom.

come hither forlorn little flower; warm yourself by the fire

can you tell that i’m a tad bit tired? i don’t think that title makes a bit of sense… but i like it anyways. i came across this funny photo from nov 2009 when I was searching the computer for pictures to print for our Proclamation Photo Wall (so excited about this, by the way!). Don’t these look like such sad, cold little sunflowers. they need a bit of warmth.

ahhh-ohhhh-sigh… lookie – here is some sun… blue skies… green… warmth… and one of the fabulous reasons we moved to Utah… mountains.

there is something good in every day… no matter the weather.

wow – that was random. but it’s about all i’ve got tonight. heading to bed early.

a bit of the random

Basketball. Hannah & Abe each made a basket at their games this week.

Bountiful Baskets. Decided to try this again. We needed some assistance in the fresh foods department. We also got a box of IDAHO pink lady apples. Yummers. Colorful food in winter is good.

Family Proclamation. Have a new design coming to the etsy shop soon. I love it. I printed one in the Cockatoo color… okay, it’s probably like aqua. Anyhoo, I like it. It’s a little wild but it is readable… kind of like a maze for the kids to figure out. I’m excited for the new wall collage with this as center.

Food. Tru loves eating waffles. Max loves eating cinnamon toast. They both like warm chocolate every morning… they must be like their mama.

5-minute Dancing. For excitement … and some energy release in the wintertime, we turn on fun dance tunes. It’s a Beautiful Life… Surfin’ USA… Alvin & the Chipmunks… etc. The littles love it. If only you could see our rockin’ dance moves.

Callings. I’m in charge of my first funeral luncheon on Saturday. It’s a sad & unfortunate situation the Harris family is dealing with.

Skills. It is 6 am (early for me) & I’m up with zu zu. It is tricky to type in the dark one-handed.

Sleep. I’ve decided sleep is a new hobby of mine. I get to do it occasionally. I sometimes think I will forevermore be tired. I found out today that my new blood pressure medication will probably make me feel more fatigued. Just what I needed! or not. My body needs more oxygen people.

Dream Home. We are totally going to win HGTV’s Dream Home. It’s in Midway, Utah! We could totally live there for reals … if only it had 2 more bedrooms. Don’t worry … we’ll let you visit.

that which is virtuous…

a while ago I mentioned I watched Downton Abbey when exercising (my one-time success on the treadmill in the past 2 weeks… arg! I watched the first half of the first episode. I had heard so many good things about it… how much others love it. So I thought I’d give it a go.

Well, tonight I started watching that second half of the first episode and I have to say I was disappointed. Like shocked disappointed. I turned it right off. Perhaps the scene I saw was an isolated thing, but I wasn’t taking that chance… and it left such a hollow spot inside that I didn’t care a jot for the series after that.

Whatever happened to ‘that which is virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things? Wow – the world missed that commandment. That Satan is such a sly little booger trying to sneak things into a show that potentially could be good.

I’ve spent the past few days working on THE FAMILY: A PROCLAMATION TO THE WORLD design project. So much awesome doctrine. Pure Truth. V i r t u o u s . Lovely. We seek after those things declared in that Proclamation.

I’m so grateful we have living prophets on the earth today. so . g r a t e f u l .