Face toward Zion

For a moment today
I focused on my fears in this journey …
rather than faith & hope.
My dear friend who is a great example
of double-knotting her bonnet,
reminded me that following
Heavenly Father’s plan in Faith
is always the best path.

I love that encouragement.
face toward zion

p.s. Great talk on HOPE by Steven Snow
“Our hope in the Atonement empowers us with eternal perspective.’

“We should never let hope be displaced by despair. The Apostle Paul wrote that we “should plow in hope” (1 Corinthians 9:10). The exercise of hope enriches our lives and helps us look forward to the future. Whether we are plowing fields to plant or plowing through life, it is imperative we, as Latter-day Saints, have hope.”

“The spiritual journeys of today require no less hope or faith than those of the early pioneers. Our challenges may be different, but the struggles are just as great.”

What to do with a less-than-ideal bonnet?

You know the days when you’ve completely “lost your bonnet.” We’ve all had days like that when we struggle with all the hard in our life. Well, my bonnet friend was afraid she’d LOST HER BONNET, so I had one shipped to her. The bonnet was “found”. Only, it turned out to be a less-than-beautiful bonnet. The ruffles weren’t the best idea. I had hope for the fabric – after all, it was pioneerish. Well… so we had a good chuckle about the less-than-beautiful bonnet.

So – I’ve been thinking about bonnets. You know this is one of my favorite life comparisons lately. These things are ‘adventures?’ in my life lately.

We might have an ugly bonnet. We don’t want to put it on. But ya gotta . . . in order to do all that hard work without getting burned.

The other day I was fighting with myself about doing the dishes. With all my heart, I didn’t want to conquer that dish pile/mountain. But with all my heart, I knew I had to. It’s only dishes dearie! There are harder mountains to climb than dishes. True. True. It’s alot better than picking up buffalo chips for the fires.

Our bonnet is not the latest trend… but it’s all ya got. Put it on! Simplify. Want less. Be glad for all you do have. Be glad you have a bonnet, even though it’s worn and thin. We get so caught up in the world… buying this… and buying that… wanting this… and wanting that. Move away from the world and head towards Christ. He doesn’t mind an unstylish bonnet.

Bonnets shade the face. In fact, most bonnets are so large, it seems to put side blinders on us. Perhaps this is good. It keeps us headed in the right direction – FORWARD… toward Zion. We may have lots of stretchin’, hopin’, growin’, cryin’, huggin’, prayin’, “throwing our hands up in the air” moments… But it’s Zion – or bust!

Spark of Heavenly Fire

I’m back.
My keyboard lives (semi).
My foot is healing.
Sunburn is cooling.
Eliza is sleeping.
Tru is playing.
The sun is shining.
School is almost out (another week!).
My mom saved us yesterday.
I’m plugging through my boatload of etsy orders (closing shop next week and am SO glad).
Found darling coral dresses for a wedding (coupon & discount love).
Have Lion House Orange Rolls to eat for breakfast.
I have hope that someday I’ll find my spark and be able to stop feeling like a chicken with my head cut off.

This is my encouragement for the day.

Someday I’m going to find Hand Cart Pioneers at an affordable price. Please. It is the best “Tie on your Bonnet Sister, We’re going to make it to zion” representation of a courageous woman.

Weathering Storms

I read these thoughts this weekend and fell in love with the messages! It’s definitely a ‘Tie on Your Bonnet” attitude. I hardly know a thing about Elizabeth Edwards, but I know she had hard things. I hope I’ll do better at weathering the storm and adjusting my sails… living in HOPE, faith, and Trust.

hurricane force winds

some winds are from our choices.
some winds are from other’s choices.
some winds are just part of life… trials. life lessons.
some winds seem to blow from every side… all at the same time.
some winds we wish we never had to endure…
but i know those winds make us stronger if we rely on the Lord.
faith… trust… and endurance.

I love this scripture. I love that my kids love to sing this scripture song (especially Abe).

This is where my thoughts are today.

Zion or Bust!

p.s. thanks steph!

Favorite Encouraging Sentences Ever

Last night I was instant messaging with Stephanie in Alaska (isn’t technology amazing?!). We were talking (rather… typing) about all the fabulous blessings/hardships/callings we deal with in this life. Even after a hard day … and realizing things were not going to get much easier in the immediate future … what did she say?

Oh, how I laughed.
I absolutely loved it!
I’m not clever enough to think of AWESOME things like that.

Best Encouraging Sentences EVER!

I hope I remember it always, especially when I’m melting into a puddle of tears.

We can do it people.

“We must not lose faith. We will make it to Zion! We will!”