Independence Day Camp Out 2015

On Friday morning, July 3rd, we loaded up Beastie, our 12-passenger van, with camping equipment, and Hannah, Abraham, Maxwell, Truman, and I headed toward Cedar City, Utah for a camp out with the Thompson clan. We camped on some Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land with no facilities (no bathrooms, no latrines, no water, no nothing, except land, trees, mud, and four-wheeler trails). The boys simply used the woods, but lucky for Hannah, Uncle Bucky brought his camper and a port-a-potty.


Prior to this camp out, the only tent we owned was a four-man tent. We used that tent for Abe, Max, Tru, and I about a year ago at the fathers and sons outing, and it was quite crowded then, so we knew we needed a bigger tent. We got this 10-person tent from Walmart the night before the camp out for a pretty good deal. And true to its advertising, it only took a couple of minutes to put it. That was a nice change.



The other nice thing about the tent was that for once we weren’t crowded inside. Granted we only had 5 people in there. Truman was partially right we he later told Heather there wasn’t room for anyone else. While of course you could squeeze more people in there, it comfortably fit our five air mattresses and foam pads, and it would have been difficult to get another mattress/pad in there.


My mom wasn’t there at this pseudo-Thompson family reuinion, but 5 of the 10 Thompson siblings were there: Bucky, David, Tracy, Mike, and Becky. It was good seeing them all, and many of their children and grand children were their too. Four Smith siblings were there–myself, Julie, John, and Michael. It was quite the large gathering.

The kids’ favorite part of the whole weekend was riding the four wheelers. They begged me to take them again and again.





After each of the kids got one ride on the four wheeler, we realized they should have helmets on. They wore them from then on.




One of the other favorite parts of the camp out was the  family volley ball game on Friday night. They played for over an hour and all the aunts and uncles were very nice about letting the younger kids participate.

thompson-volley-ball-game-july-2015One of my favorite parts of the weekend was the hike to Kanarraville Falls. Most of the Smiths and a few of the Thompsons came.


The first half of the hike was dry and dusty.


But during the second half of the hike, you walk through the creek almost the whole time, and it was great.





Since parking space was limited (and $10 per vehicle) at Kanarraville Falls, all the Smiths piled into Beastie for the 15 mile drive south of Cedar City. This pic was after the hike when we were all dirty and wet but glad we had such a fun time.


We finished the hike mid-afternoon on Saturday. We headed back to Cedar City and picked up Max and Tru who had stayed with Aunt Becky and Uncle Tracy. Then we headed back home to Lehi. It was a great weekend.

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