Jimmy’s New York Trip 2011

Last week I went to New York to attend Conversion Conference, a professional conference all about learning how to build better websites to improve conversion (as in converting browsers into buyers). While there I was able to do a little sight seeing. I visited the Manhattan New York LDS Temple, I walked down to Times Square and visited M&M World, and I walked through Central Park.

Manhattan New York LDS Temple
Manhattan New York LDS TempleI was able to make it into an endowment session at the Manhattan Temple on my first night in New York. Before that, though, I gave myself a tour of this multi-purpose building. The temple is really a building within a building. On the first floor is a family history center, on the second floor are some public affairs offices, and on the third floor is a typical meeting house with a chapel, basketball court, and lots of class rooms. The fourth, fifth, and sixth floor are the temple.

I almost didn’t make it into the temple session. I arrived at the recommend desk of about 35 minutes prior to the start of the session. I had a new temple recommend and I knew that it had not been activated, but my stake president thought they could call him and verify everything and let me in. The worker at the front desk took my name and information, and he tried for 25 minutes to contact someone in the temple presidency to come do a verification of me. Finally, ten minutes before the session was to begin, a counselor in the temple presidency came to the recommend desk. The desk worker offered him the information I had provided, but he declined to look at it. He just shook my hand, looked me in the eye, and said it was okay for me to come in.

M&M World

M&M World is located near Times Square. It is probably among the few family friendly things to see and do at Times Square. It was interesting, but I didn’t stay long. It’s mainly just a large gift shop for M&M’s merchandise and over priced chocolate.
M&M World New York
Central Park

Central Park was different than I expected. It is very big. The city feels so rushed and busy and crazy, but once you step into the park, it felt much more calm and normal. There are lots of people jogging, riding bikes, mothers pushing baby strollers, kids playing, etc. I was intrigued by to very large rock formations, which looked natural, but I wonder if they are or not.

Central Park New York
So that’s about it for my New York Trip. The conference was excellent, but I missed the family. Read Heather’s post on awesome-ness to see the souvenirs I got the kids.

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  1. Alison
    Alison says:

    So fun to see Jimmy’s pictures. Isn’t that crazy that somewhere as insane as NYC looks so familiar now and almost like ‘home’? That is crazy to me, but that is how I felt seeing his photos. And to answer his question about the rocks in Central Park, I heard that they are all natural. And I heard they are under the buildings and that is why the ground can support so much weight of all the tall skyscrapers. I don’t know if that’s true, just what someone told me once. Looks like he made the most of his trip!

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