2012 One Little Word

1st up… review One Little Word 2011… which really turned out to be 3 little words = 1 big idea… CREATE POSITIVE CHANGE.

Yah… I don’t know if I did very well at that. I think I hibernated in my bed for 4 months feeling like puking every minute. Thank you pregnancy for that! Then we made it through the summer … had a baby… and called as R.S. President. I think Survive… and try to Thrive… would have been a better ‘One Big Idea’ for me.

But I did create a bit of change. We had Family Morning Devotional more often. We memorized more scriptures as a family. We taught the kids how to clean bathrooms and sweep the floor. We sure tried. And in my world… trying counts for something. I don’t know what – but something.

On to 2012…Our ward R.S. theme is “May Christ Lift Thee Up.” Moroni 9:25.

So going along with that… my word is UPLIFT. Meaning I want to remember to turn to Christ… to recognize the strength and joy that comes from Him… to understand the Atonement better… that comfort and healing and lifting up from Christ.

And then in turn, help UPLIFT others around me… my husband, my kids, friends, neighbors, ward members… help testify and share and LIVE that JOY and healing that comes only from Christ.

p.s. color of the year… tangerine. lovin’ it. cheer. color. vitamin c. bright. fun. go tangerine!

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