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2015 11 november
Truman’s Kindergarten class has been preparing for the upcoming Thanksgiving Feast by making Native American and Pilgrim costumes. He even had a papoose. Interesting for a male native. But creative.

He also had to disguise a turkey. He chose to dress it up like a rainbow. He did very careful coloring… which is a big deal for Tru.

This week we went on a walk to the duck pond and park. The leaves have started to fall. Tru was hoping to be buried in leaves by his siblings. They got him mostly buried and he burst forth in delight.

This morning when I was combing Tru’s hair, he was making faces in the mirror. He showed me his bored face. He showed me his angry face. I asked him about his happy face and he said, “I don’t know how to do happy.” Insightful comment coming from Truman. I reminded him of a funny joke and he soon found his happy face. He can’t fake emotion. He only displays what he feels, I guess.

Truman has adjusted pretty well to all-day kindergarten here in Texas. The first few days he immediately fell asleep in the car after school got out at 3. It does make for a long day when we rise at 6, leave home at 7, arrive at 8… and then have school until 3, wait for Hannah to be done with basketball until 5 and then drive home to arrive at 6. We are moving in the next week or so and hopefully he’ll adjust to sleeping in. The kids only have 1 recess which is right before lunch so they have an intense day of learning and little play. It has been a change from Utah Kindergarten which is half day with 3 recesses.

Jimmy and I have been prayerful about what we can do to best help Truman meet his potential and function happily in his life. He is brilliant at Math and has such precision of speech and thoughts. He shares many insightful things with us in his tender moments. He is strong in so many ways.

In fact… yesterday we had him clean out under his bed. I asked him to move his bed back in place (it’s on wheels on a hard wood floor and is really slick to move). He said, “My bed is strong. And I am weak.” We had a great conversation about how Heavenly Father made him strong … physically and spiritually. I showed him that he could move his bed and then we talked about how we can be strong in doing what is right. There is such hope for Truman. We love him dearly and hope he can resolve and work through some of his specific life challenges with God’s love and strength.

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