At this moment…

Quick… I have 12 minutes before the 3 oldest get home from school.
Slept in until 9 (does that count as sleeping in even if you were up from 4-5:30 with a wee babe?

Productive morning for me.
Gathered & Started laundry with Liza following mom around.
Did dishes and got dishwasher started (a miracle… points to myself for cleaning the counter completely!)
Tru earned m&m’s by unloading dishwasher.

Pettit called and asked if we wanted to hit the park.
sunshine day!
I don’t want to miss all of autumn, recuperating inside.
Liza was scared of the kitty there. Given – it had claws.
But it wasn’t very fun because of the kids freaking out and crowding mothers.
I love chatting with mom friends. It’s so good for my soul.

Disaster time – perfect storm of all 3 kids needing at once.
Crying babe has to come first so we don’t all go crazy from listening to newborn wailing.
Kids fussing about food. Frustrated mother wanting food and a nap.
Liza cried in room for an hour. Wailing. When mom has tough love, she wants daddy.
She calls him all the time and tells him I’m being mean.
Tru fell asleep watching Bubble Guppies.
And then here we are 2:18… 12 minutes until kids get home. And it is quiet… finally.
I didn’t get a nap. May I survive the rest of this day…

Photo on 9-25-14 at 2.27 PMThis fleeting moment:
Scotty is holding on for dear life to my t-shirt. He is a dear.
Love that minky blanket.
In the background:
Clean Scotty laundry waiting to be folded.
SPOT IT game on the table that Truman wanted to play this morning.
I feel like it’s such a waste of time to play a game in the middle of the morning.
I know it’s not… time with tots… plus an eye-spy activity game. It’s good.
Just hard when there is so much work to be done. And other personal activities I’d like to do.
Learning to enjoy the simple every day things.

Remnants of play-dough toys from Liza’s activity cutting christmas trees.
Hannah’s piano books
Rocking Chair
Out the window I am looking at the leaves on our tree blowing in the breeze.
I see the garden … the corn is harvested & the garden looks bare.
Zucchini is the first to produce & the last plant still going.
Orange Marigolds.
Plants drooping with tomatoes.
Green grass, blue skies, warmth.

I just put sleeping Scotty down in his swing.
I glanced over while typing & the babe had chunks of spit-up on his forehead.
Poor kid.
He’s had intestinal trouble today. All sorts of chunky spit-up and a bit of constipation.
Thus, I am typing one-handed while snuggling a little one.
He just newborn-giggled in his sleep.

Kids came home.
Abe came in hot and tired and sweating.
Max came in grinning ear to ear… and asking for apples & caramel.
Hannah came in saying, “What’s up?!”

Max killed a fly with an old Target Receipt.
20 points to Griffindor!
We hand out points… 10 points to kill a spider. 10 points to kill a fly.
20 points to kill a fly with your hand!
Random points.
Yeah – we don’t ever tally points or do anything with them… ya know, Mrs. Wilding’s ‘points for yourself’ kinda thing,
but the kids laugh and think it’s fun to earn points for doing good things to help out the fam.

Jimmy has Stake Council tonight at 7.
We’ll see how getting kids to bed goes with a solo tired mom.

Just had honey crisp apples & homemade caramel. Yum!

Loads of laundry to fold… better stop typing about everything & nothing and get to work.

p.s. when glancing through photobooth pictures, I came across these gems taken by Hannah, toothless Max, & Liza. Life is fun!

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  1. Laurie Sorensen
    Laurie Sorensen says:

    Ahhh…mom life. My day was similarly demanding/headache-inducing but I didn’t end my day by writing a tender post…I was just grumpy. Something about I can’t get anything done, (or if I do, someone undoes it just as quickly), whining toddler, crying baby with diaper rash/diarrhea all day, too many demands on my time (homework, housework, callings, teaching kids to be kind/not kill each other, cooking, school helping, eye appointments, dentist appointments, car needs oil change and alignment, sick school age kid, blah, blah you know the drill. I ran out of the house so fast last night for a song practice, and I stayed until they kicked us out of the building. Came home refreshed, happy and calm. Nothing like taking a little break to do something fun. Dang hormones get me every time. Woke up happy and refreshed, ready to tackle the basement. My to do list is still a mile long, but I am trying to push away what is not important. Who cares if the class emergency buckets are a few days late. Not me!! :) Call me next time you and Petitt go to the park!!!

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