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a little about Truman

Truman’s Kindergarten class has been preparing for the upcoming Thanksgiving Feast by making Native American and Pilgrim costumes. He even had a papoose. Interesting for a male native. But creative. He also had to disguise a turkey. He chose to dress it up like a rainbow. He did very careful coloring… which is a big […]

Field Trip to Hilti

Our family took a field trip to Hilti. We decided to do it on the weekend so we wouldn’t be a big loud family bothering Hilti employees. The wall of saw blades spelling Hilti was cool. The benches and counter top made of beautiful wood from the same Texas tree. The boardroom of windows was […]

A Grieving Heart

Our hearts are full of sorrow at the peaceful passing of our infant niece Patricia who napped and never woke. Our prayers are that angels will be strengthening their family during this tender time. #hugthoseyoulove #lifeisprecious #eternalfamilies #templelight #sealedtogetherforever Peter & Jennie’s baby, Patricia Joy Smith, age 3 months, passed away on October 29, 2015. […]

Dew Drops

Tonight Truman and I read a book about clouds and thunderstorms. We learned about dew. Truman remembered this picture that I took after the rain on Halloween. The entire water cycle really is interesting. We have no new water on earth… it’s all recycled since the beginning of time. Interesting fact. Anyhoo… Here’s the picture […]

Halloween 2015

Kind of a different Halloween this year… but it was good. We missed Trunk-or-treat for a few reasons. Friday early morning Liza barfed and I didn’t want her to get anyone sick… though it turns out by 10 a.m. she was eating and drinkly fluids just fine. But I also didn’t want to do trunk-or-treat […]

Hannah’s a Teen!

It’s true… we now have an official teenager in our family. Hannah celebrated her 13th birthday here in Texas. A few friends and teachers at school knew it was her birthday and made it fun for her. Her orchestra class even played Happy Birthday for her! Girl’s athletics seems to be one of her favorite […]


October 23, 2015 … Jimmy started his new job at Hilti as Digital Marketing Analyst this week. We are in awe at all the blessings we’ve received the past few months especially… knowing that miracle after miracle have occurred in our lives. Hilti Corporation (Hilti Aktiengesellschaft or Hilti AG, also known as Hilti Group) is […]

I will show unto you a God of miracles

This week we’ve experienced first-hand the miracles that God performs for our family. I know there are many mighty miracles that occur daily in our life, but we don’t always even realize when they are happening. God is a God of Miracles! This week Jimmy, Scotty, and I flew to Dallas for a home-finding trip. […]

Night Games: Relief from Stress

Today was stressful with d.i. runs… to sorting out all our crud that needs to be organized or junked… to broken sprinkler pipes x2. To meeting with realtor. To realizing how much work we have before Monday and our home is listed to sell. to single-mothering over dinner and baths and bedtime. [bless the souls […]

Lunar Eclipse

There was an epic lunar eclipse/full moon/blood moon last weekend. Uhhh, I didn’t even poke my head out the window to see it this time… but thank you to Mike Mezeul II for sharing this picture of the recent blood moon lunar eclipse over the city of Dallas. He took the pictures about 10 minutes […]