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Hold on Thy Way … pt 2

My wee little brain is full of thoughts and thus can’t sleep even at 5 a.m. (and believe me… I am normally NOT an early riser). Jimmy went to play basketball (yes, he’s an early riser!). So, we’ll clear some thoughts about the upcoming week. We are going to try and get our house listed […]

Doctrine of Marriage

Today was my last lesson teaching in Relief Society in my ward. Even though I sometimes think I bore the sisters and they might be tired of my handout… I just love that calling! Once a month… inspiring message to study… sharing testimony. It’s just great! I was concerned about the controversy out there surrounding […]

The parable of the happy cat lady

Today was a long one. Started at 3 a.m. when Scotty decided he couldn’t sleep… on and off until 5. Up at 6 to ready for our yard sale. {first one we’ve ever hosted, btw… a ton of work… but needful under the circumstances} Saw a fabulous sunrise. Sold oodles of stuff… came out ahead […]

The emotions of CHANGE

I took the kiddos to Inside Out movie at Water Gardens as a reward for enduring and working at the yard sale. The kids have been wanting to see it, but no way are we paying to go to the expensive theater. Anyhoo… it was a once-a-year special occasion with popcorn and drinks. “Whoa mom! […]

Creative Spirit

Elder Richard G. Scott passed away this week. What a great soul he is. I love how much he adored his wife. I appreciate meeting him at our Stake Conference in Idaho. I value his wisdom and sincerity. He seemed to be one who endured to the end. Three Apostles have died since the last […]

Choose Kindness

We have been practicing KINDNESS in our home. Especially during the day when Liza is home with mom and scotty. Asking nicely the first time! Being agreeable. Sharing. Kindness to friends and their siblings. Obeying even when it’s hard. Solving problems appropriately. step 1: ask nicely. step 2. wait quietly until it’s a good time […]

Texas, Here we come!

Looks like we’re moving to Texas, y’all! Jimmy accepted a job with Hilti, an international high-end tool company. They were listed on the top 100 companies to work for so we are hopeful. The kids are anxious and a bit sad to leave friends. Lots of tears. Jimmy is hopeful about the job and excited […]

Always Look for the Blessings

Last night I was emailing my mother about our emotional Thursday. It wasn’t tragic. Just dealing with well dr. visits… and a sick visit for Tru (strep!). Emotional meetings at school with teachers regarding bullying. Hard conversations with our 11-year-old son. Worrying about upcoming life changes. Concerns about how those changes affect each member of […]

Hold On Thy Way

Abstract random thoughts that don’t quite know where to land… like these paintings… Lately I don’t know how to feel about anything. Sometimes I think I should just numb myself to the hard in life and plow through. But that doesn’t seem very joyful. There are so many decisions to be made and all the […]