Scotty meets Great-Grandma Beck

IMG_5994 copy
Last week we went to visit Great-Grandma Beck at her new home in Cedar Hills. We had poor timing as she was in church and we had to rush home for Jimmy to go home teaching. We said hello with a hug… and good-bye with a kiss. Short but sweet. Scotty got to meet Grandma and she wanted to hold him. Plus, all of Grandma’s friends at the Assisted Living Home loved seeing the kids.

Truman turns 5

10-october-20144Truman has been counting down the months/days until his birthday! He was quite excited to turn 5. Miss Hannah made him a shiny birthday crown. Abe made Truman a giant pancake for breakfast. Truman helped stir the chocolate chip pudding cake.

Tru really enjoyed his presents… magformers (awesomeness that all the kids love!), Look & Find with magnifying glass, a science experiment to do with mom, fruit snacks, Megamind DVD, Spot It Alphabet Game, & the looked-forward-to-gift Lego Alarm Clock! Later in the day Truman enjoyed building his fireman lego set from Grandma & Grandpa Price. Perfect!

Sunday birthdays are usually a little more mellow, but I think it was fine this time around because we had family coming over for Scotland’s blessing. We sang Happy Birthday to Tru, Jim DeMordaunt & Grandpa Price and enjoyed cake and company.

A bit about Truman:
We love him!
He loves Scotty so much!
He likes baby to hold his finger.
Tru gives hugs & intense high fives!
Cute as can be.
Is trying hard to keep his temper calm.
Loves preschool.
Is a quick learner.
Listens even when you think he doesn’t.
Has the ability to be a huge force for good… to lead out.
Has a talent for setting the table & emptying the dishwasher.
He is a hard worker when he decides to!
Has a happy laugh.
Enjoys playing outside on the tramp.
Learned to pump his legs on the swing this summer.
Pedals his little Lightning Mcqueen bike so fast.
Loves to play computer & video games way too much.
Loves Rolly-Pollies.
Loves petting dogs & cats.
Collects rocks & sticks.
Enjoys exploring.
Has a talent for Look & Find books.

Grateful for these moments

4:23 a.m.
As tired as I am, I’m grateful for this moment.
Little bug Scotty curled up in burp mode.
He’s still tiny (but GROWING fast).
Baby squirms & sighs!!

Here’s our September Round-up. I’m grateful for these moments!
1. Tru has a talent for setting the table.
He was thoughtful & gave me the yellow cup because he knows I love that color.
He certainly can be a happy helper. He has also been practicing his smile (which occasionally turns into a grimace) but we are grateful for his efforts!

2. Preschool field trip to the Lehi fire station.

3. Chores are getting done!! Abe leaves signs like this after mopping the bathroom.

4. Pool Noodle Light Saber Play… usually ends in tears… but there are lots of laughs for at least a few beginning moments.

5. Jimmy wears Baby Scotty in the sling…
to garden… to make dinner, etc.

6 & 7. Tru is on Intuniv/Tenex and it makes him so drowsy. Couldn’t stay awake at walmart. & I found Truman curled up on the mini tramp one day during quiet time. His face was on my shoe, he had 1 sock on, one off.

8. Scotty has fussed more the past week… especially in the evenings (of course it’s while Jimmy is gone to Stake meetings). My mom found him some great bibs. Hopefully this will save his outfits from the large amounts of spit-up.

9.Abe tries his glasses on Scotty. He’s such a smart looking baby!

Captain’s Log – Stardate: 92349.06

Family Home Evening:
Stardate: 92349.06
Location: Planet Earth
Principle: Record Keeping
Topic: Why keep a journal?
2 nephi 25 23 & 26
We talked about journals, diaries, captains’ logs, weBLOGS, book of remembrance, scrapbooks… forms of record keeping.

Jimmy has an awesome collection of personal journals from age 16. He still keeps a journal and is such a good example to me. He has been able to refer to his journals to remember blessings given or life lessons learned.

As a little girl, my parents/siblings helped me “write” in my journal before I could actually write. I wrote a few times a year … on Sundays … in my journal as an elementary school girl. I wrote a lot about boys in jr. high. I used to write in my journal almost every night as a teen & college student. It was a good way to sort out feelings… remember blessings, express gratitude (mostly… ok, occasional gripe moments included as well), bounce back from hard days… cry it out on paper, share exciting dates or activities. I don’t do as well now on a very personal ‘feelings’ journal, but I’m hoping our blog will count as a bit of a family journal that expresses my testimony to my family. “For we labor diligently to write … to persuade our children … to believe in Christ.”
Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 9.32.36 PM
{Examples shared by journal fhe}

The Savior emphasized the importance of keeping records:
‘And it came to pass that Jesus commanded that it should be written; therefore it was written according as he commanded’ (3 Ne. 23:6–13). One of the most valuable records is the one you keep of your own life…We urge our young people to begin today to write and keep records of all the important things in their own lives and also the lives of their descendants in the event that their parents should fail to record all the important incidents in their own lives. Your own private journal should record the way you face up to challenges that beset you.” President Spencer W. Kimball, New Era, Oct. 1975

The courageous experiences of the pioneers would be lost if not recorded in journals. Someday you may have the opportunity to go on a pioneer trek and experience for yourself some of the hardships the pioneers faced. By reading their journal stories we can learn of both the emotional struggles and physical hardships that can help us face our own trials.

“I will not try to describe how we traveled through storms of snow wind and rain, how roads had to be made, bridges built, and rafts constructed; how our poor animals had to drag on day after day with scanty food; how our camps suffered from poverty, sickness and death,” wrote Bathsheba of the Iowa trek. “… The Lord was with us, and his power was made manifest daily in our journey.” Bathsheba W. Smith, Autobiography

“What could you do better for your children and your children’s children than to record the story of your life, your triumphs over adversity, your recovery after a fall, your progress when all seemed black, your rejoicing when you had finally achieved? Some of what you write may be humdrum dates and places, but there will also be rich passages that will be quoted by your posterity.” Spencer W. Kimball, Ensign, Dec. 1980

Turn the hearts of the children to the fathers and the fathers to children.
“I am sure you will never turn your own children’s hearts more to you than you will by keeping a journal and writing your personal history. They will ultimately love to find out about your successes and your failures and your peculiarities. It will tell them a lot about themselves, too. They will get a great desire to raise a family of their own when they see what a great blessing they were to you.” Hartman Rector Jr., Ensign, May 1981

At this moment…

Quick… I have 12 minutes before the 3 oldest get home from school.
Slept in until 9 (does that count as sleeping in even if you were up from 4-5:30 with a wee babe?

Productive morning for me.
Gathered & Started laundry with Liza following mom around.
Did dishes and got dishwasher started (a miracle… points to myself for cleaning the counter completely!)
Tru earned m&m’s by unloading dishwasher.

Pettit called and asked if we wanted to hit the park.
sunshine day!
I don’t want to miss all of autumn, recuperating inside.
Liza was scared of the kitty there. Given – it had claws.
But it wasn’t very fun because of the kids freaking out and crowding mothers.
I love chatting with mom friends. It’s so good for my soul.

Disaster time – perfect storm of all 3 kids needing at once.
Crying babe has to come first so we don’t all go crazy from listening to newborn wailing.
Kids fussing about food. Frustrated mother wanting food and a nap.
Liza cried in room for an hour. Wailing. When mom has tough love, she wants daddy.
She calls him all the time and tells him I’m being mean.
Tru fell asleep watching Bubble Guppies.
And then here we are 2:18… 12 minutes until kids get home. And it is quiet… finally.
I didn’t get a nap. May I survive the rest of this day…

Photo on 9-25-14 at 2.27 PMThis fleeting moment:
Scotty is holding on for dear life to my t-shirt. He is a dear.
Love that minky blanket.
In the background:
Clean Scotty laundry waiting to be folded.
SPOT IT game on the table that Truman wanted to play this morning.
I feel like it’s such a waste of time to play a game in the middle of the morning.
I know it’s not… time with tots… plus an eye-spy activity game. It’s good.
Just hard when there is so much work to be done. And other personal activities I’d like to do.
Learning to enjoy the simple every day things.

Remnants of play-dough toys from Liza’s activity cutting christmas trees.
Hannah’s piano books
Rocking Chair
Out the window I am looking at the leaves on our tree blowing in the breeze.
I see the garden … the corn is harvested & the garden looks bare.
Zucchini is the first to produce & the last plant still going.
Orange Marigolds.
Plants drooping with tomatoes.
Green grass, blue skies, warmth.

I just put sleeping Scotty down in his swing.
I glanced over while typing & the babe had chunks of spit-up on his forehead.
Poor kid.
He’s had intestinal trouble today. All sorts of chunky spit-up and a bit of constipation.
Thus, I am typing one-handed while snuggling a little one.
He just newborn-giggled in his sleep.

Kids came home.
Abe came in hot and tired and sweating.
Max came in grinning ear to ear… and asking for apples & caramel.
Hannah came in saying, “What’s up?!”

Max killed a fly with an old Target Receipt.
20 points to Griffindor!
We hand out points… 10 points to kill a spider. 10 points to kill a fly.
20 points to kill a fly with your hand!
Random points.
Yeah – we don’t ever tally points or do anything with them… ya know, Mrs. Wilding’s ‘points for yourself’ kinda thing,
but the kids laugh and think it’s fun to earn points for doing good things to help out the fam.

Jimmy has Stake Council tonight at 7.
We’ll see how getting kids to bed goes with a solo tired mom.

Just had honey crisp apples & homemade caramel. Yum!

Loads of laundry to fold… better stop typing about everything & nothing and get to work.

p.s. when glancing through photobooth pictures, I came across these gems taken by Hannah, toothless Max, & Liza. Life is fun!


IMG_4919 copyThis was the short & sweet FHE lesson Miss Hannah gave tonight. It hangs on the fridge as a reminder to think before we act or speak!


Regional Broadcast from the Marriott Center for Stake Conference today. Elder Nelson & Elder Scott were the visiting apostles. They spoke on Angels & Prayer. Yes, we believe in Angels… not the winged flying variety… but Angelic Messaegers who bring peace. Elder Nelson shared about their experience in Mozambique and how their lives were threatened and that they were watched over by angels. I pray for my family to be worthy to have angels round about to watch over and bear us up!09-september-20142-webWe had a mellow day (with Tru totally falling asleep during the broadcast – see his pretzel pose while sleeping!). Liza got some pretty braids (yay… we could see her eyes). I did some citrus jamberry nails with Liza & Hannah. We tended to spitting-up Scotty. And finished the day with Sunday evening popcorn & Rice Krispy Treats.

The FAMILY is of God

11x14 smith family silhouette_edited-2
The principles taught in ‘The Family Is of God’ song are true. I love the message and reminder of a mother’s role. Are the things I’m teaching the children furthering the work of God in our home? I really hope our children love being a part of our family… sometimes I wonder after rough days like today. But overall, we love each other, have fun together, work together to keep things running (note… I didn’t say running smoothly!), and learn so much from our family relationships. A FAMILY IS OF GOD!
god gave us families_edited-1

On Friday I drove Truman to preschool & Miss Liza sang along with gusto to ‘The Family Is Of God’ Primary Song in the van. Her voice kept getting higher and higher like the Cinderella Mice. I absolutely loved it! I love that she learned the verses so well just from listening in the car. I love that she sings (a singing child is a happy child!). I love when she sings to Scotty. Anyhoo… here is part of the chorus on video:

Jimmy turns 38

09 september 20141The kids were delighted to celebrate Jimmy’s birthday. He had the fanciest of wrapping jobs in WALMART GROCERY BAGS! (really…. why do the last-minute wrap if you’re just going to open them right away). He received peanuts in shell (from Truman), gummy bears for stay-awake treats in car, assorted chocolate bars for stay-awake at work snacks, deodorant (very important! haha), Mormon Maps book that he wanted. That’s about as magnificent as Jimmy likes his birthday. Oh – cake! Chocolate Chip pudding cake which was devoured by all. Aunt Christine was visiting on her way to BYU-I so she celebrated with us (Miss Hannah was at Lagoon and thus not pictured)

Earlier in the week Jimmy & I had a date to use Jimmy’s free Tucanos Birthday Meal coupon. I was so sad that the grilled pineapple didn’t taste quite right due to my new blood pressure medication that makes everything taste metallic. But Jimmy seemed to enjoy his meal that was full-of-meat. Aunt Amy was here to babysit the kiddos. We also saw Maleficent at Water Gardens Theater. I was glad she had a change of heart and was able to love again. It was so weird to go on a date after being home with a newborn & recovering for so long. But we knew we wouldn’t have the chance for a long time; it was fun to be with Jimmy!!

Happy Birthday Love!

South Fork Park – Provo Canyon

07-july-201414We headed to the canyon this afternoon to seek out cooler temperatures… and enjoy some s’mores over a fire…. in the mountains. Only – fire restrictions didn’t allow fires. Sigh… So we ate s’mores chilled version (which are quite hard to manage actually). The kids enjoyed exploring in the freezing cold stream. I don’t know that they’ve done that before so it was an adventure. Even Zuzu tried it. I love the picture of Truman helping Liza into the water. Truman found any dog he could to pet at the park. He met Bella… and puppy Pepper who was sleeping. We didn’t stay long but it was a fun get-a-way.07-july-201415