My life in a nutshell

miracle to get 3 littles under 5 + mom presentable by 9:15
drop tru off at preschool
errands to target to get 5 prescriptions for kiddos.
afterall, it shouldn’t be too hard with only 2 kids?


fiasco keeping liza dressed.
her socks bother her so she goes sockless.
in a 7/8 ballet dress that is gaping.
in a jacket she barely let me put on.
only to take jacket off the second we get in the store.

baby is fussy so mom holds him.
baby spits up royally all over mom’s front – through 4 layers.
hiccups and spits up again all over mom
and again.
mom is trenched and now must hold baby since entire front is saturated.

of course liza has to go potty.
because we just got to the store.
potty dance to family restroom.

where is the prescription to turn in for Scotland’s reflux?
nowhere to be found.
luckily they had called it in as well.
wait 20 minutes.

liza sees sophia book and sits in the middle of the aisle to read it.
i tell her if she sits in the cart, she can read it.
make way back to diapers carrying baby and pulling cart
and trying to keep liza close enough.
since, ya know, liza & the sophia book lasted about 1 minute in the cart.

my arm is about to fall off from holding scotty.
back to pharmacy to get prescriptions.
reflux med is $$ than I thought.
but if i get the old kind, i have to wait another 20 minutes.
so prevacid it is.

walking out of store liza sees juice boxes.
she parks herself there insisting that we must buy them NOW.
nice. raiiiight?! like I’m going to buy juice boxes for a bossy tantruming 3-year-old.
Put baby in car seat in cart (and thus now everyone can see my saturated top).
Lug Lanky Liza in her tutu over my shoulder – kicking and screaming.
Out to the 12-passenger van (parked in the outer 40) we all go.

I was hoping there was at least one mother in that store who was proud of me for not giving in…
rather than just seeing us as total disasters.

I gave up my hopes of buying anything else but the meds/diapers.
Should I have just left when he spit up on me?
But we had gotten ready and driven 10 minutes.
We were THERE!? almost.

And this is exactly why I hadn’t gone anywhere all week, people!
Stay home!!
So at least nobody else knows we are falling apart.

where is some dark chocolate?
and a shower?
and peace and quiet?

oh wait… now it’s time to go pick truman up from preschool.
where is liza?
asleep in her bed with stinky pinky blanket.
where is scotty?
finally cried it out in bed and is asleep.

this is my life.

German Pancakes – Rahns Pancakes – Hootenanny

IMG_5547 copy
Just wanted to document one of our favorite breakfasts. Jimmy does an awesome job making these. Growing up we called these Rahn’s Pancakes because we got the recipe from my uncle Rahn (dad’s brother). My friend Katie calls these Hootenanny’s. Whatever we call them, they are tasty, tasty. Sprinkle a little powdered sugar and syrup and you’re good to go.

Flash Frozen Yumminess

11 november 20146
Our order from Bithell Farms came in. This year we got 14 lb of Raspberries (best ever – really!) and 14 lbs Blueberries. They come flash frozen and we separate them into smaller baggies so they don’t freeze solid as a rock after a while. We use these on crepes, waffles, Scandinavian Fruit Soup, in smoothies, etc. They are huge, tasty berries! Now our freezer is full of frozen fresh peaches, raspberries, and blueberries.

Spiritual Whirlwinds

I taught Relief Society Teachings for our Time today. My brain still feels muddled and unable to form powerful or coherent sentences. I only taught false doctrine once (hopefully only once!) when I fudged and said, “The church’s standards are different than the Lord’s Standard.” STRIKE THAT! Let’s try again, “The WORLD’S standards are different than the Lord’s standard!” Much better.

Anyhoo… as always I loved the prep time and personal thoughts that came from the Spirit. I especially want to research more about PATTERNS of righteousness which was just briefly mentioned in Elder Andersen’s talk. I loved the comments the sisters made that taught and edified me. As we were discussing the whirlwinds that we have in our life, so many were mentioned that expanded my view of things … distractions, balancing the good, sin/temptation, choices of others, trials of mortality (health, finances, relationships). Good conversation!

I especially felt compelled to focus on how the Atonement of Jesus Christ changes my heart! Yes, I am a changed mortal person because of my knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but do I recognize this and express testimony of this daily… to myself, my family, and others? Do I really “EMBRACE more deeply His love, His mercy and grace, and the powerful gifts of His Atonement”? Good questions to ponder!

Here is the handout that I enjoy keeping to remind myself of the things I learned.
Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 4.14.45 AM
Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 4.14.57 AM

Continue your journey and let your hearts rejoice.

This week was a wee bit rough. After all, Scotty is 6 weeks old, and therefore, I felt like I should get back to “normal”.
So I tried to live a more “normal-ish” life attempting to get more accomplished and out the door quickly with kids in tow.
Not to be!
I must remember that with every change there comes a “new normal”.
The new normal usually means DOING less … and LOVING more… like snuggling a babe.
And boy does that babe like to be held. He is NOT a good sleeper. We’re working on that.

Thursday was the hardest day of the week. I had a rough night worrying for Scotty and his gasping episode. I had a physical therapist appointment for Scotty (for Torticollis). It was the first day of fall break so all the tots were home. I decided to set an appointment with Dr. Foster as a “better safe than sorry” about the gasping-for-breath thing. I feel like it might be more neurological than spitting up issues, etc. Turns out the doc thinks it’s reflux (which is also what might have started his Torticollis from turning head to the right for reflux relief). Anyhoo…

I was trying to plug 2 or 3 other things into my day like “zip” to the store for ingredients for s’mores bars… and a trip to provo with 6 kiddos. Too much Heath! Slow down.

Priorities… I had to sacrifice the non necessities: “LET IT GO”

By the end of the day, I felt like I was sinking emotionally & mentally.
This tends to happen when I don’t get enough sleep … and ya know… Stress.

Early to bed… it’s always a good thing.

Friday morning came.
Things are always better in the morning. (uhhh, most of the time).
2 tots snuggled in bed with me.

Liza said, “Mine Feets Cold.”
She snuggled her cold feet into me.
We giggled about her Stinky-Pinky-Blankie.

Tru said, “I wuv you so much!” … “Get me breaFkast!”
In my silence (which was my brain trying to figure out how he was pronouncing breaFkast)
he changed his tone to:
“Mom, will you please get me breaFkast?”

Having just read a sweet blog about appreciating every breath of life. Kara shared that she used to dread the kids waking her up because she longed to go back to sleep. Now that she knows her time in this life is short, she cherishes every bit of time to show those kids her love, even the snuggle in bed moments. This reminded me to enjoy the “mine feets cold” and the “Mom, will you please get me breaFkast?” I’m grateful for love and life.

Fast forward to Saturday morning. I spent Friday night trying not to feel mad. So silly… but tired mama with feeding/burping babe… changing 3-year-old’s pee-pee sheets in the middle of the night and wondering why the plastic sheet didn’t save the mattress… intense/weirdo dream… busy husband working on church calling presentation/stuff. I just needed to chill. I knew we had a day of putting the home back together… encouraging littles to work on their jobs from the entire week.

My thoughts
“This is a challenge to raise 6 children!”
immediately followed by a sincere,
“This is a BLESSING to raise 6 children!”

My eye caught the title of a book given to me by my sweet mother: “Continue your Journey and Let your Hearts Rejoice”
blogger-image--1174822791 copy

So we went on our way …
working together
(some in tears and fighting)
some in cheer and helpfulness.

I let my heart rejoice at the pleasant moments of the day
(especially my long-awaited shower & nap)
(smiles from Scotty)
(helper Liza following me around)
(quiet time for Truman)
(Abe’s good cheer and laughter)
(Max’s hugs)
(Hannah’s willingness)
(Jimmy’s kindness)

I’m grateful for each day.
I do hope that we move from sinking … to survival … to thriving…
One moment at a time.

p.s. yes, I realize this is a scattered post.
My poor brain is really tired and doesn’t compute very well these days.

Lunar Eclipse

The Earth positioned itself between the sun and the moon, creating a full “blood moon” lunar eclipse. Though I didn’t take this picture (we had more wispy cloud cover), this is what it looked like at 4:30 a.m. this morn.
Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 5.16.52 AM
It is always so amazing to go outside in the still & chill of the night and gaze at the stars. God loves us! What a spectacular world he has created for us.

A Jolt of Anxiety : Ramblings of a tired madre

My mind is generally a whir of thoughts at bedtime. I’ve come to realize I have the familial tendency towards anxiety & worry. Oops! One of the “natural man” tendencies I’m here to overcome, I suppose… or at least endure until the resurrection. I certainly don’t mean to fuss over things in my mind. Oh how I strive to push forward with FAITH instead. Anyhoo…


Last night my brain didn’t slow down until after 1 a.m. when I fed Scotland. As I lay there contemplating the upcoming day, I had a jolt of anxiety thinking about taking 5 kids + myself in for flu shots (with baby Scotty in tow). Our pediatrician doesn’t have shots right now so we need to go to the Target Pharmacy. Taking 5 anxious/crying/wailing kids (& 1 wee babe) out of target after flu shots does not sound fun.
Wait! I have six kids. It hit me. I have 6 kids! Since when did I grow up?! I’m still a little girl who is learning to do hard things!

And learn to do hard things I shall. Thus is the purpose of life.

p.s. want to know how it turned out? Jimmy came home with our new Beastie van. We took our initiatory drive as a family to the instacare for flu shots/mist. 5 opted for mist. Hannah and I opted for the shot. I felt like we had a huge family as we filled out 3 papers per person. It was a fiasco keeping things straight with all the kids needing stuff while I tried to remember birthdates/years/etc (and a baby with a poopy diaper). I’m realizing that if mom stays put together, physically & mentally & emotionally, then the entire family appears to be under control much better. I’ve got to work on not being flustered in public with my darling family!

It’s Autumn Time

The corn is harvested and the stalks now decorate the porch (though the storms have blown it to bits).IMG_4917 copy

Apples are in season and we’re enjoying homemade caramel & fresh honeycrisp apples for snacks. Miraculously, I got a few of these put together for the gals I visit teach. And with Hannah’s help babysitting while Jimmy was at stake meetings, Scotty and I walked them around and delivered to the new sisters on my route.IMG_5051 copy1

School Posters

Just thought it would be fun to document my small contribution to our local school. I’m a huge stinker at getting to the school to volunteer (it’s so hard to know what to do with my littles!!). I count this as a huge contribution for the principal. Hopefully my kids see the posters and know I care about their education. Goal: get into the school more often as the years go by… sigh.

Anyhoo… these were the hall posters for last school year… 2013-2014. The theme was Be the Star that You Are. Clever movie ideas!2013 movie posters

These are the posters for this year. The theme is “Passport to Excellence”. The photos of the teachers made these extra fun.2014 snow springs posters1

p.s. perhaps overextended myself on these… but I’m so glad I’m finished with them and that it all worked out with timing of babe, etc.

“Be Still” they say

result of thousands{Found on Pinterest… could not find original source for credit.}

On Pioneer Day we had a family home evening on our ancestors. Hannah & Abe each highlighted moments from an ancestor’s life. Hannah told us about Jane Ann Stewart Hatch from Scotland. Abe shared about the lives of John Smith and Sophia Fortune, also from Scotland. I spotlighted Rebecca Wood Moss from Canada. Jimmy told the kids about William Walker Rust born in Massachusetts.

I think of the lives of these and other ancestors and it humbles me. They had joys and struggles and hardships like us … only unique to their time period and life purpose. Knowing about their lives helps me want to BE STRONG. I know they are cheering us on from the other side of the veil, hoping we’ll make the best use of our time here in mortality … to receive eternal glory.

While I worked this morning (and boy howdy, how I worked on dishes, laundry, tidying the black hole called my closet to make room for Baby Boy), I thought of the books I want to read when I have down-time/recovery-time after my c-section. I am hoping to reread this series: These is My Words. Thinking about the lives of those who came before helps keep my troubles in perspective.
these words is mine