Choose Happy

smithgirlsOur neighbor took these darling photos of the tots when we were over helping them with a family picture. These make me want to buy a nice camera and learn how to use it. How perfect is this of Eliza & Hannah. I was up Saturday night sewing those skirts. They might actually stay together even though I sew horribly. It was fun though.

maxMax was thoroughly convinced that his tie goes on the outside of his sweater. So we’ve got a too-big Christmas sweater. A too-small haggard tie. And about the cutest smile ever on that kid. So perfectly Max.

In other news. Today is the first day of Spring Break. It’s raining outside. We had a morning devotional to talk about the plan for the week. We ended with this as the family cheer.choose to be happy

Easter 2013

This happens to be my favorite photo from the day. Smile kids… it’s Easter! Click!IMG_20130331_164813 copy border
Abe – ready.
Hannah – itchy nose.
Max – sun too bright.
Liza – uhhh… who knows.
Tru – Too sunny.

Very honestly these are pictures that bring me joy and I want to hang them on our wall. These depict our every day more than perfectly posed photos (though I do love those too… as they give me hope that we are somewhat put together).

Today was a nice Easter. We did Easter Bunny/baskets, egg hunt yesterday. Loved that. We talked about each day the week of the Savior’s resurrection. Great lessons learned, especially about the symbolism of passover and Christ, the Lamb of God.

We spent some time in nature this morning enjoying God’s creations and the glorious sunshine. It was good for everyone’s soul… especially little Tru-Tru. He loves throwing rocks in the pond.

03 march2013

We had a nice Easter Fast Sunday at church. Truman gave a talk on “Jesus Christ is our Savior.” (he only said ‘I can do it myself.’ 3 or 4 times. I was grateful he repeated anything I whispered in his ear – at all. He’s still cute).

We had the Smith kids over for our non-traditional Easter dinner of Tacos. Who has tacos on Easter? I think we had hamburgers last year. Oh well… I guess our tradition is to be nontraditional. Sigh…

Alright – I guess I’ll give this picture a close second for the day. Liza & Tru smiling in the same photo. Miraculous.IMG_20130331_164807 copy border
My favorite thought of the week leading up to Easter.
5 by 7 there is always hope freebie

a happy heart

jimmy came home from work yesterday with these happy flowers.
they make my heart happy.
he is my love.IMG_20130213_112232

today we painted eliza’s nails.
We – meaning I painted, Max picked the colors.
He really wanted her to have red fingernails for Valentine’s Day.
She was so curious about it all that she held still.
It made my heart happy.IMG_20130213_111610

See ya later 2012 : Hello 2013

2012 12 december1Ah-ha. New Years Eve. Played at the church gym to get some of those wintertime wiggles out. Tru was “helping” Liza ride the bike. Hannah tried out the new donut maker and whipped up some donuts. The kids quite enjoyed those. Hannah declared it was tradition to have fortune cookies for New Years Eve so we had Benihana Fried Rice and Fortune Cookies for supper. We ended the evening by playing SORRY and UNO. Max was delighted to get to stay up with the big kids until 9. We were all in bed well before midnight (though neighborhood fireworks were quite loud at 12). Happy New Year 2013. We hope 2013 is full of peace & joy.

“What are we supposed to be doing out here?”

2012 12 dec instagramwith tears in his eyes in the 24 degree weather, Abe asked, “What are we supposed to be doing out here?” I just don’t think looking at Christmas lights in the cold means quite as much to kids – even at Temple Square. When asked to share one good thing about our evening this was the response:

Max: “It was so beautiful.”
Abe: “I’m grateful that mom bought us food and helped to kept us warm.”
Hannah: “I loved it all.”
Mom: “I loved when we had that one happy moment with nobody crying or sad.”

We had a nice time visiting with Amy’s family. Trevor and Abe made White Chocolate Party Mix. We had sloppy joes. Amy got lots of loves from Liza, a few seconds with Truman on her lap playing Angry Birds Stars Wars (sigh…), and lots of quick conversations and smiles from Max. My kids love to see Aunt Amy.

We crashed their activity in SLC to see CityCreek & Temple Square lights. They were nice to help with the tots. I’ll tell ya what though – keeping track of 3 kids is much easier than 5 kids. We used our $5 McDonalds gift-certificates from Grandma Smith for dinner. The kids loved that! We stopped by Farrs and had a sample of some tasty yogurt & some hot chocolate & apple cider. We made it home without frost-bite and snuggled in for a long night’s sleep.

Adventures in Wintertime!!!

a peek into December

2012 12 december 1'

2012 12 december 2

2012 12 december 3

2012 12 december 4

Christmas Sparkle

WHY do the bells of Christmas ring?
Why do little children sing?

Once a lovely shining star,
Seen by shepherds from afar,
Gently moved until its light
Made a manger’s cradle bright.

There a darling baby lay,
Pillowed soft upon the hay;
And its mother sung and smiled:
“This is Christ, the holy Child!”

Therefore bells for Christmas ring,
Therefore little children sing.


IN Christmas Eve the little stars
Sparkle and glisten with delight,
Like strings of glitt’ring diamonds,
Across the darkness of the night.

On Christmas Eve the little stars
Dance in their places in the sky;
Ah! I would go and trip with them
If I could only climb as high.

On Christmas Eve the little stars
Sing merry carols all night long;
But O! I am so far away
I cannot even hear their song.

On Christmas Eve the little stars
Sparkle, and dance, and sing till dawn;
And I am singing too, because
‘Tomorrow will be Christmas Morn.


A Christ-Centered Christmas

I found this photo on the camera – taken by little Tru.
We have a few little pictures of Jesus on our tree from years ago.
I want to add more decorations in years-to-come that will help remind us the real reason for Christmas.

i like this.

Christmas Stockings in Happy Colors

We were in need of new stockings this year. I made some stockings about 10 years ago and hence we didn’t have enough for our family. Then in 2009 I found darling stockings at Old Navy for $1. But they had 2009 embroidered on them. So this year I found some double-sided Minky on an awesome sale + coupon and our colorful stockings came to pass. It took me a few weeks to sneak time to finish sewing them. The wonderful thing is that because the material is stretchy and they are a casual stocking, all my sewing flaws won’t matter! Hurray. All I have left to do is sew a loop to hang it by.

I love all the bright colors and each is perfect for each person. Tru’s is green. Abe’s is red. Max’s is blue. Hannah’s is turquoise and yellow. Liza’s is watermelon and turquoise. Mine is gray and yellow. Jimmy’s is gray and red. If we ever have another baby we’ll do purple & watermelon for a girl… and brown and green for a boy.

The kids love them already – I guess that’s all that matters. I think these will be a fun Christmas tradition for years to come.

This is Halloween. This is Halloween. The End!

Hurray ~ Halloween is over! Yes!
I tried not to be too grinchy about it.
I even decorated the porch.
I bought jammies/costumes for the littles…
and Abe and Hannah were semi-on-their-own for their costumes.

They are all cuties…
But – let’s move onto Thanksgiving. Sigh…