remember when…

… Halloween was much sweeter.

And people dressed up like cowboys & indians.

Remember when people were cheerleaders, nurses, football players, and han solo (was Amy a secretary?).

I know some people still have classic dress-ups, but it seems like Halloween has turned into vampires and dead brides and icky stuff. Which is why on a scale of 1-10 of liking Halloween … I’m at a 1. Sorry kids. It’s true.

Let’s look at fantastic Holidays:
Christmas… celebrating Christ’s birth
Easter… celebrating the Resurrection & remembering Christ’s life
Thanksgiving… family and gratitude
Independence Day… celebrating freedom

uhhh… Halloween… trick-or-treat (give me candy) … creepy decorations all over the neighborhood.

I’m the grinch of Halloween. I’ll take the cute part of Halloween like littles dressed up sweetly. But I’d skip the rest.

I just can’t stand paying money on a costume that is dorky or cheaply made that will be worn once. I could sew?! sigh…

I wanted us to all dress up like something similar.
Sesame Street?

Even Jimmy poo-pooed that idea. But isn’t the Green shirt perfect for Truman – It’s his favorite color. And Liza as Big Bird!

We’ve got the super hero thing:
But don’t ya think every kid is going to be Batman this year?

I was aiming for the Book of Mormon Hero theme but nobody liked that one. Plus, I’d have to sew. Ummm… not gunna happen.

Sigh… Halloween – be gone!

Patriot’s Day

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a pioneer day

We didn’t exactly do the most pioneerish of activities. We all went to a piano store to look around. That was an adventure. We ate Little Caesars for lunch. The kids ran through the sprinklers after quiet time. We ate grilled kabobs and pineapple and then played baseball and kickball. We ended the day with apple dumplings. It was a good family day together… just not a day full of sacrifice and hard work. We are grateful for all the pioneers went through so that we can enjoy such a nice place here in Utah.

V-day Part 2

Not much to say about Valentine’s Day this year. The kids enjoyed their school parties and receiving and giving Valentines to classmates.

I was delighted and quite surprised when Proflowers showed up at the door with a box for me. That Jimmy certainly surprised me. Thanks babe for the kind thought & action.

Hannah didn’t think leftovers for dinner was very romantic… but tis reality dearie. Nobody enjoyed the leftovers… so we ate popcorn for a bedtime snack! Before bed, we had a mini party where the kids went “fishing” for presents. They laughed so hard when the Prizes became Flying Fish over the couch. The wonder on kid’s faces when they open gifts is so darling.

Zuzu had her first Valentine’s Day. We gave her the cute bear from Jimmy. She is still a wee bit sick from her cold (hence the rosy face).

Happy Day O’ Love family. We love each and every one of you kiddos.

Valentine Cards 2012

I’m afraid I was kind of a poo-poo about Valentine Cards this year. Hannah found all sorts of glorious ideas online that she wanted to do. They required going to the craft store and I wasn’t up for all that jazz this week. I convinced the kids to do homemade digital and they could help design it. They were okay with that. I’m not sure about the entire Moustache thing… especially for Miss Hannah… but the kids thought it was hilarious. Oh well. As for the homemade envelopes… it was a “Make do … use it up” thing since we were out of white envelopes and I had oodles of paper from the last 10 years. The kids now think we should do it every year. Sigh… More later on V-day 2012.

G’day Mate

I was so thrilled when I realized today is Australia Day.  It’s tradition to acknowledge & sorta celebrate it.    Anyone want to donate the Pavlova?
I think that I really, really, really want to move to Australia. I talk about it alot, especially in the Winter. I don’t know what seems so glorious about living in Australia… I just think it would be a cool adventure. Plus we wouldn’t have to learn a new language. My Grandma said there are a lot of flies there. Hmmm… I guess we’ll see if it ever happens. I’ve had quite a few orders on my Simply Fresh Designs Etsy shop from gals in Australia. Don’t you think I should go visit them!? One lives on Thursday Island (pictured top left). The beach on the bottom right has the whitest sand in the world made from mostly silicone. Overall, Australia seems so interesting a place. Happy Australia Day!

Don’t forget Max…. he turned 4

I guess this week is ‘catch up on birthdays’ time on the blog. I realized we never acknowledged Max’s birthday in December.

It would appear that Max stayed in his jammies all day… but knowing that it was a Sunday, he did go to church (not in his jammies). I guess it was a mellow day at home the rest of the day. Sunday birthdays are a bit like that. Happy Birthday little Max.

Here’s a few stats on Max from his well check:
Weight: 35 lbs (50%)
Height: 40.25 in (50%)

We went ahead and got all his kindergarten shots at his doctor’s appointment. He wasn’t extremely thrilled with all the shots… but at least they are over with for several years.

In the past year Max has done better saying sentences. He still gets a little confused between he/she. We need to work with him on pronunciation, clarity, and sentence structure, “We don’t have no milk.”

Despite struggles with communication, Max is such a great kid. He is a bit full of drama which is probably part of what makes him so lively when he is happy. “Max, are you our happy child?” “Yes… I am a happy child,” says Max with a big smile.

Max likes to play Mario on the wii. He loves when Hannah reads to him. He loves Eliza and says endearing things to her. He loves when Abe lets him play with his little legos.

Oh – and it about kills him to have to say please. Really. He usually says, “I want … etc.” “Try again,” says mother. “May I please… have some warm chocolate.” “Ahhhh… much better little Max.” It’s so hard for him, but he is learning to say please the first time.

Max is a keeper. Happy Birthday little buddy-buddy.

once upon a time … miss hannah had a birthday

unfortunately, I don’t always get journaling done right after events.

fortunately, nobody is holding me to a deadline so we’ll try to get to the important matters eventually.

important matter #1: Hannah’s birthday: oh, ya know… in October. Hurray for age 9.

It was a busy Saturday to have a birthday. But hopefully there was a bit of fun for Miss Hannah. 1st… breakfast and presents. A few favorites: Corn-nuts (she loves them!), the Gift of Music (piano lessons from Wendy Rencher), little Hannah Statue, slippers, new outfit for Kit, clothes, gum, new purple coat.

Hannah’s comments about her birthday: “I really liked when me, you, Grandma, and Eliza went out to eat and to Gardner Village.”

Then we headed to Salt Lake City as a family to celebrate Patti’s wedding to Brett (friends of Jimmy’s from work). It was so sweet. Patti just crouched right down to talk with the kids. She is such a wonderful woman… so friendly and kind. And Truman loved Brett. Their reception was really neat to attend and hopefully our loud and big family didn’t ruin the event!
The Smith fam came on Sunday to celebrate with Miss Hannah. We had Pioneer Woman’s Chocolate Sheetcake (the family favorite lately) to celebrate Hannah and John’s birthdays.

Happy Birthday Miss Hannah Mae. We sure think you’re FANTASTIC. Enjoy being 9!

Belated Holidays Greetings from our Fam

New Years Eve

Who knew I’d have the “opportunity” to feed Zu Zu at 3:30 a.m.  Luckily we got Tru out of our bed & hopefully asleep for “reals” just before she woke. Have you ever tried to sleep with a wiry-wiggly-2-year-old? Sleep? What’s that? Thought I’d sneak in a little scrapping time since I was “up.”
The unfortunate news about New Years Eve is that the poor Sorensons put up with a lot from us. Besides Tru screaming the last 5 minutes, Eliza had her “best” blow-out E-V-E-R. She got to see the Sorensons tub as she was up to poop to her neck. Then, as we were walking out the door, Max made a quick bathroom stop, only he wasn’t “quick” enough. I got to clean a large puddle off their bathroom floor. Disinfectant – check! Both kids wore the Sorensons clothes home. Either we’ll never see their family again due to our ridiculousness or we will have bonded & laughed at the entire experience. At least nobody barfed!!

It really was a fun evening. Thanks Friends!