lift our vision

Pardon more favorite thoughts on Conference talks. I’m still working my way through the Nov Ensign. I finally received the May Ensign and have it all ready to go – spiral bound and all…. Just have to finish up the last conference. At this rate, I may be forever behind…. but, it’s all good. Onward… ever onward. My favorite line from church today I guess goes along with this. “O Lord, we pray; Bless our efforts day by day.” (Hymn 170 – God, our Father hear us Pray)

Loved this talk by Elder Malm. This first quote reminded me of all I want to be as a mother to make our home a safe and peaceful haven. I have a long way to go to handle the small and simple things in a wise and inspired way!
This one: so positive. Lifting your vision is always a good thing. I need to do it more. A reminder also for me to not just plan… but to actually do it.

Always a perfect scripture to remind me that the craziness of the world isn’t what life is all about… there is peace in Jesus Christ! Love that.

Faith & Character

Lately I’ve been drawn to several talks on FAITH from last October’s General Conference Ensign. I guess my soul needs this counsel and HOPE. Not that the principles were new, but the way these men worded things resonated with me. Anyhoo… I guess overall, I realized how important it is to have a reservoir of faith to call on when times are really tough.

These are my favorites from Elder Scott’s talk, “The Transforming Power of Faith and Character.” I love that he talked about how good STRUGGLES are for us to build Faith and Character.

I really enjoyed this talk, “Faith – the Choice is Yours” by Bishop Edgeley. It reminded me how important FAITH is to stay hopeful and positive as we press forward in this journey. I also love that he focused on Faith being a choice that we make.

Jimmy’s New Book: Mormon Mission Prep

Over the past two years, Jimmy has been supporting a Mormon Mission Prep site. He felt compelled to write a book about the practical and spiritual prep for future missionaries. Specifically geared towards teenagers, young adults, and even parents, and leaders, it’s a quickie read with a lot of helpful and inspiring information. Good work my love!

Hannah and Abe were quite impressed that “Dad wrote a book?!” When we went to pick up the printed version, Abe said, “I have a great idea. Dad could make lots of copies of his book and sell them. He could charge like $4.” Great idea buddy… only we’ll have to charge at least enough to cover printing fees. Anyhoo… they were proud of their papa (and glad to keep going to BYU’s print shop because they got icecream and donuts!)

On the drive home from BYU the other day, the kids asked Dad to tell them a story. So Jimmy told them a bunch of stories about his mission to Rosario, Argentina. They realized how much we have… a home with solid walls, air conditioner, a car, running water, carpet, etc. They loved all the stories he told them about the people, eating bugs, riding the bus and not knowing much Spanish at first. It was like good old-fashioned fun without media/entertainment in the car… just the fam talking and telling stories. Good times.

Heeding my own Counsel

Every morning instead of leaving the kids with, “Have a good day!”... I try to say, “Make it a Great day!”. I firmly believe that our attitude and choices determine if our day is good or not. Believing is one thing… but living it is another. Today I need to heed my own counsel and Choose to Make it a Great Day… despite it being Monday… despite the ornery kids… despite my body aches from pregnancy (and my old age!).

I liked Abe’s example this morning. He recognized that he needed to calm down. I found him reading the scriptures in his room. Even though he didn’t get his lunch packed, I was proud of him for making that good choice to start afresh & use the Holy Ghost to help him calm down.

Know this, that ev’ry soul is free
To choose his life and what he’ll be;
For this eternal truth is giv’n:
That God will force no man to heav’n.
Hymn no. 240

“Ye are free; ye are permitted to act for yourselves.” Helaman 14:30

“Wherefore, men are free according to the flesh; and all things are given them which are expedient unto man. And they are free to choose liberty and eternal life…” 2 Nephi 2:27

A Truly Magnificent Couple

In 1937, on this very date of April 29, Gordon and Marjorie Hinckley were married in the Salt Lake Temple.. which would make today their 74th anniversary. Oh, how wonderful I think this couple is. I love how you could tell they loved each other. I love that they never argued. I love how joyful they seemed… how simple and down-to-earth they were. It wasn’t about fashion and pomp, it was about LOVE, humility, hard work, and testimony. And I love these words President Hinckley said in a CES Fireside. What a great reminder of what an eternal and strong marriage/home/family can be.

I believe in beauty…. I sat at dinner across the table from my wife the other evening. It was fifty-five years ago that we were married in the Salt Lake Temple. The wondrous aura of young womanhood was upon her. She was beautiful, and I was bewitched. Now, for more than half a century, we have walked together through much of storm as well as sunshine. Today neither of us stands as tall as we once did. As I looked at her across the table, I noted a few wrinkles in her face and hands. But are they less beautiful than before? No, in fact, they are more so. Those wrinkles have a beauty of their own, and inherent in their very presence is something that speaks reassuringly of strength and integrity and a love that runs more deeply and quietly than ever before.”

I believe the family to be the basic and most important unit of society….
“Every marriage is subject to occasional stormy weather. But with patience, mutual respect, and a spirit of forbearance, we can weather these storms. Where mistakes have been made, there can be apology, repentance, and forgiveness. But there must be willingness to do so on the part of both parties.

“I believe in the family where there is a husband who regards his companion as his greatest asset and treats her accordingly; where there is a wife who looks upon her husband as her anchor and strength, her comfort and security; where there are children who look to mother and father with respect and gratitude; where there are parents who look upon those children as blessings and find a great and serious and wonderful challenge in their nurture and rearing. The cultivation of such a home requires effort and energy, forgiveness and patience, love and endurance and sacrifice; but it is worth all of these and more.

“Marriage, in its truest sense, is a partnership of equals, with neither exercising dominion over the other but, rather, with each encouraging and assisting the other in whatever responsibilities and aspirations he or she might have.”

Gordon B. Hinckley, BYU Speeches, This I Believe, March 1992

Finding my calm

I just saw this quote scratched on an envelope in my purse… from when we visited the Carl Bloch exhibit at BYU. I like the idea he shared – so simple. I’ve been trying super-dee-duper hard to keep my calm in the chaos of the evening hours. Blow up I do… sometimes. Keep calm… and carry on… is my goal. This is a good reminder that when I rely on the strength of the Lord, He will help still my soul… and keep it calm… even amidst the storm of getting dinner on and putting 4 tots in bed.

quiet inside…
i am a tree…
strong and firm…
resolute and still…

(like my zen-yoga-thoughts? ha-ha.)

New Quiet Books

Just wanted to note that I finally finished these two New Testament Quiet Books. Yay – Hurray! I LOVED compiling the photos and words because it is such perfect and uplifting doctrine full of LIGHT. I hope my kids know that I compiled these books because I have a testimony of Jesus… that He loves us… so perfectly. Hopefully the teachings in these books will help them understand the stories and life of Christ better so they can gain their own testimony of these things. I just love goodness.

Carry On

My sister shared the encouraging words… “Work, Watch, Fight, Pray” when I was shaking my head about teaching tots. I love that! I thought it came from “Carry On” until I googled it. Not so… Put your shoulder to the wheel Mothers.Who better to work, watch, fight, pray for with all my might and zeal than for these 4 tots. I love their sweet little souls! We got the tent out today to give it a try and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it with all their might and zeal! Let’s just say that not a lot of homework or chores got done this afternoon. But fun was had by all. Tru and Max especially loved the little doggie door to crawl in and out of.I love knowing that others are cheering for and encouraging my little family. Thanks Amelia for the uplifting words!

Be Strong

3 a.m. : I woke and couldn’t sleep. I checked on 2 tots I was worrying about … who, of course were fine. I started thinking about a dear friend. My prayer for her: “Be Strong.” I thought of this video… one of my all-time lds-short-movies favorites. I love getting the song stuck in my head all day because it’s such a positive message. No matter our age, as women, we need this advice… know who you are as a daughter of God… that you have a purpose… be strong and have courage to do good… in daily and simple ways. I need that as a mother… for certain. Plus, this video of yw reminds me of all the singing my friends and I did together as teenagers. I don’t know that there was an outing without someone bursting into song. Fun memories!

Then my brain thought of the scripture we read last night at family scriptures.And now at the end of the day, I’m glad I noted these thoughts this morning … I kept them with me during all the most frustrating moments with the tots. “I have a witnesss… I know who I am.” helped me think of all the good I can do as a mom when I love these kids. And the message helps me remember to see them as little spirits just plugging along the best they know how.

Sunshine Day!

Dear Sun… you are welcome in my world any day!
(well… unless there’s a drought and then you’ll have to make room for some rain).
Just know I’m glad you’re here today!

I think i’ll go for a walk outside now
the summer sun’s callin my name
(i hear ya now)
i just can’t stay inside all day
i gotta get out get me some of those rays
everybody’s smilin’
sunshine day
everybody’s laughin’
sunshine day
everybody seems so happy today
it’s a sunshine day.

Pretty much gotta love the Brady Bunch!