the AMAZING recovery

Little Tru’s eye is doing amazingly well. I guess what you hear about little ones bouncing back and healing swiftly is true. On Saturday (one week and one day after surgery) the stitches were dissolving and falling out. His bruising has lightened significantly. You can barely see the incision on his eyelid, but when you feel it, you can tell there is some scar tissue that is harder. Hopefully that will resolve. His eyeball still has a red spot but it’s fading. Overall… Truman is doing great with his recovery. I love this picture because it’s just a common look for Tru… plus, you can see his new tooth there on the bottom.

Update on Tru’s Eye

I wanted to have a record of Tru’s recovery so here are 2 more pictures 5 days after surgery. The swelling has gone down a bit and he can open his eye almost all the way. The bruise is turning greenish. You can see his stitches better now that it’s not quite as swollen. Also, there is a large red spot on his eyeball over by where the cyst was. I hope that goes away.

Truman is doing well with leaving his eye alone. At first he tried to rub it, but it doesn’t seem to bother him too much now. We also put ointment on it a few times a day to help it heal better. Tru had a hard evening/night on Sunday, but after a priesthood blessing, he slept well. Other than that, he’s slept well at night.

Looks like little Tru is definitely on the mend.

“The black-eyed baby” update

Abe named Truman “The Black-eyed Baby” tonight at dinner. I’m afraid it’s quite true.Truman had a check-up with the doctor this morning. Dr. Call said his eye looked “Great.” It was much more bruised and swollen than we anticipated, but we’re glad the doctor thinks it’s healing well. Truman’s eye patch fell off during his afternoon nap and we let his eye have a little air until bedtime when we put a new one on to protect his eye until morning. Then he should be okay to be patch-free. When the original patch first came off his eye was so swollen Truman couldn’t open it at all. After a few hours, the swelling went down a bit, and his eye opened more.

You can see that Truman is much happier now that his eye patch is off. We hope his stitches heal well and that things mend and mellow out in the next week for him. When Jimmy was at the doctor’s this morning, he met a man who had a patch just like Truman – only he had his entire eyeball removed. We feel grateful that Truman only needed minor surgery and had no complications.

Truman’s Eye Surgery

We noticed a squishy bump on the side of Tru’s eye about a year ago. The pediatricians thought it was a displaced blob of fat (from getting hit on the eye brow by a cowboy boot – courtesy Max). But after talking with our Optometrist (our Bishop), a pediatric Ophthalmologist, and an Ocular Surgeon, they quickly determined that it was a dermoid cyst. They said if we didn’t take it out now, the mass would continue to grow and could cause eye problems in the future. Today was surgery day for little Tru.

Here’s the before photo:

Isn’t this about the cutest little patient you’ve ever seen? They even gave him mini sticky socks.

Jimmy and Tru had to leave the house about 5:30 to be at LDS Hospital at 6 a.m. Truman’s surgery was at 7:30 and it took about 45 minutes. He couldn’t eat or drink anything after midnight so by 7:30, he was one hungry baby.

The doctor brought the orbital mass out to show Jimmy after the surgery.  It was about the size of a small marble and was white. The surgery consisted of making a small incision on the crease of his eyelid (to reduce noticeable scarring) and remove the cyst. Here’s Truman in recovery resting and waking up from the anesthesia.

You can see how happy he is about his eye patch and surgery here. Upon returning home, all he wanted to do is run around. A semi-sedated, drugged, one-eyed 15-month-old running/stumbling/falling = NOT SAFE. Poor little Tru was not a happy tot. He kept hitting, pinching, and scratching us because he was so upset. Eating a tasty omelet and orange juice helped him temporarily. And then finally when the Tylenol-Codeine kicked in, he fell fast asleep.

We have yet to see his eye since we’re supposed to leave the eye patch on as long as possible. We’ll post more updates when we have more photos.

We love you Tru! Heal well!

“It’s Amazing!”

Max has been a really funny kiddo lately. He’s talking so much and must have hit a new stage of speech development because he’s trying harder to say sentences. We still don’t understand it all, but it’s cute to hear him try new phrases. My favorite is, “It’s Amazing!” He says it about random things that are normal. Love it!

The funniest thing yesterday was that he was acting as Truman’s interpreter.
“Mom, Twu wants na-na.” When really Truman was saying, “night-night”.
“Mom, Twu wants Da-da.” … Which was probably true because Tru does love his Dad.

Yesterday we were playing with legos and Max decided on his own to build a temple. This is what he came up with. We rebuilt it many times because … “Twu bwoke my temple.”

I think Max has been working on his conversation skills as well. At dinner, he’ll turn to me and start talking about his Sunbeams class and his teacher. He’s also turned into more of a parakeet. He imitates Jimmy saying, “Sorry Babe.” or “Love ya Hon.” Of course, always with his big Max smile.

Max has been interested in eye color lately. He asked, “What color eyes, mom? Blue?”. Then he’ll go through the entire family and ask about their eye color.

But is it all smiles and funny sayings. NO! Much of the day he is soooooo dramatic about anyone coming near him or touching him.
“Twu pinched me.”
“Don’t touch me.”
“Twu, no hit me. Be nice me.”
“No Gwab me.”
“Abe squished me.”
“I got scwatch.”

One delightful new thing for Max has been quiet time. Generally his quiet time has lasted about 5 minutes and then he’s banging on the door. Well, this week, a miracle has occurred and he’s spent 1+ hour in his room playing with toys, building airplanes with brick-blocks, looking at books. It’s heaven for this mama. I definitely need quiet time too!

It’s fun to see little ones learn new things. I’m trying to appreciate all the darling things about Max at this stage because there really are so many.

The Adventures of Truman and Max

1. Piano Tunes from Tru
2. Emptying pots from the dishwasher (actually helpful!)
3. Unloading silverware (actually helpful!)
4. Max pushing Tru around the kitchen. Both loving it! Not safe, really!
5. Max trying to push Tru out of the picture.  I love Tru’s wee toothy grin.
6. Max feeding Buzz fishies.
7. A tower of Legos built with dad. So Tall!
8. Hannah reading to Max in a holiday-break quiet time. {Max misses the kids when they are in school}
9. Abe attempting to put Max’s boots on Tru. Very funny to watch!

Unphotographable Moments from today:
~ 6 poopy diapers in one day. {Yes, this would be today. We have one smelly house.}
~ 3 baths
~ A Feast of pancakes for Tru for breakfast {seriously – this kid ate like 3}
~ Kisses on the lips from Max
~ 5,000 wipes of Tru’s boogie nose. wah-wah.
~ Max hurting Tru and immediately saying sorry with a love and smooch {without any prompting from mom}
~ Max feasting on loads of dinner crepes. We couldn’t keep up.
Oh – and so much more…

Overall, a good day.   It’s somewhat nice to be back to a normal schedule, though I do miss my Hannah and Abe helpers.  And now, pardon me, but I’m exhausted from following these tots around all day and I’m going to bed!