The Adventures of Truman and Max

1. Piano Tunes from Tru
2. Emptying pots from the dishwasher (actually helpful!)
3. Unloading silverware (actually helpful!)
4. Max pushing Tru around the kitchen. Both loving it! Not safe, really!
5. Max trying to push Tru out of the picture.  I love Tru’s wee toothy grin.
6. Max feeding Buzz fishies.
7. A tower of Legos built with dad. So Tall!
8. Hannah reading to Max in a holiday-break quiet time. {Max misses the kids when they are in school}
9. Abe attempting to put Max’s boots on Tru. Very funny to watch!

Unphotographable Moments from today:
~ 6 poopy diapers in one day. {Yes, this would be today. We have one smelly house.}
~ 3 baths
~ A Feast of pancakes for Tru for breakfast {seriously – this kid ate like 3}
~ Kisses on the lips from Max
~ 5,000 wipes of Tru’s boogie nose. wah-wah.
~ Max hurting Tru and immediately saying sorry with a love and smooch {without any prompting from mom}
~ Max feasting on loads of dinner crepes. We couldn’t keep up.
Oh – and so much more…

Overall, a good day.   It’s somewhat nice to be back to a normal schedule, though I do miss my Hannah and Abe helpers.  And now, pardon me, but I’m exhausted from following these tots around all day and I’m going to bed!

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