Heart Health – update

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This is the silliest thing to post on a blog.
But I know my sister and mom will be interested.
Plus, It’s a great place to keep a record that I won’t lose. Smile.

You’ll remember in December my Triglycerides were over 300. Yikes.
I was just 5 months out on a gestational diabetes pregnancy.

Come January – I cut out sugars (I’m talking candy and sweet treats)… tried to cut out processed carb junk.
Ate oodles of veggies & a wee bit of fruit.
Lost 8 pounds.
Never snuck in exercise.

Come April – I went back to normal eating and enjoying treats…
gained back the 8 pounds. boo.
still never snuck in exercise.

But, I suppose the good news is that my Triglycerides normalized a bit more which helps me feel better about pre-diabetic stuff with glucose levels regulating, etc.

But it’s all still higher than I’d want.
So – looks like healthy eating (lifestyle changes) & exercise is going to help level out those cholesterol numbers.

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  1. Amy DeMordaunt
    Amy DeMordaunt says:

    First, you are brave to go get re-tested! And you are doing a great job. That is significant progress with the triglycerides. Impressive! Keep up the healthy eating and as you can get out and about (even 30 min. of walking the trail with the kiddos) you will do even better. I’m happy, ’cause I want you around for a long, long time! (your family does, too :) Great job!! Love you <3

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