Kindred Spirits

12 december 20144Today a few of the Academy for Girls Counselors gathered to attend the temple & chat at a tasty brunch @ Emily Synder’s home. So fun! I chose to go be with my parents at Grandma Beck’s home to help move stuff out so I missed the temple. But luckily, Jimmy, who had come to help as well, was willing to work on his laptop while I chatted with friends at Emily’s in Alpine! They live in a lovely place so close to the mountains. The snow was lovely (it helped that we had blue skies & sunshine). It was a freezing day with a high of 20. But that doesn’t stop Academy Girls from gathering. These are the huggiest people I know. With smiles and a few teary eyes, we reconnect and realize how much we need each other. #womenNEEDwomen as Katie Hughes says! These righteous women share their triumphs, their blessings, their hardships, their struggles … and we grow together. I’m so grateful for this group of friends who are striving to live closer to Christ. Good, good people! … “My people!” as Carrie said.

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