M.I.A. … in the trenches

I’ve been missing in action on this here bloggie.
I’ve been lost in the trenches of motherhood.
I shouldn’t say lost…
I should say “I’m Rejoicing in the Trenches of mothering little ones” …
but during the month of February it felt more like ‘lost’…
(Probably didn’t help that 3 of us had strep throat … nastiest sore throat… bleh!)

How does one parent these kiddos …
these children who have such unique needs and nurturing?
The constancy of needs the past few months has zapped me.
Every night I try to rejuvenate and hope for the deepest rest to my body, soul, and mind.
This kind of rest comes only through Jesus Christ. I know this is true!
… but accessing His power … I’m working on that.

HE is there ready to bless and help and teach and comfort mothers.
Am I in the same place … on the same frequency?
Am I taking the time to adjust my spiritual tuner…
Spending the quiet moments (are there quiet moments?!) in the word of God?
Pray… He is there!

1 nephi 3 7
This week I read 1 Nephi 3:7 … the Spirit touched me in a unique way at the end of this familiar scripture.
In regards to mothering … to nurturing … to teaching children.
God will provide a way … as we keep His commandments.
He will! … provide a way.
So many questions I have about teaching and nurturing and living joyfully.
I hope in those most difficult moments of decisions I will be on the right wavelength to SEE the way.

anyhoo…. enough of my inner-most ramblings…

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 1.38.16 PM Here’s a small capture of life via my instagram feed.

Hannah painting the Orion nebula for her astronomy project… she began last week with Pastel Chalks… that didn’t turn out like she envisioned. She’s doing great on the painting and I can’t wait to see the completed version.

This outfit was created by the girl who recently lectured her 3-year-old friend about modesty. True story! . . . Leggings, Liza. Leggings!

We’ve got a winter hat, spring cropped pants, summer swimsuit, and autumn jacket with a broken zipper. And once upon a time this morning I braided her hair so tidy like Ana’s. Only she took them out 15 minutes later. Never a dull moment with this drama queen around!!

Jimmy’s head was on the news. . . Right in the front by the red headed guy. Crazy train ride home with over an hour wait. Luckily he ran into an old friend from Florida, who gave him a ride to his car. He almost was on the train that had the collision, but was delayed by a few minutes and thus was on the train behind. #blessings

I’m pretty sure that after our trip to the library we are quite ready for Dr. Seuss day on March 2. Truman loves them. Tonight we read ‘oh say can you say’ which is the craziest book of tongue twisters. Tru giggled so much! [ A few days later I was having a very emotional and tiring mothering night… Tru was relentlessly intense. I was trying to finish up the bedtime routine by reading Fox in Socks. Big tears starting pouring out of my eyes. It’s so hard to read Fox in Socks when you’re crying. sigh… ]

Go For it! Cacao Nibs. Not sure what to do with them yet… but dark chocolate has awesome nutrients (when there’s no sugar involved!).

Organizing quote. I’m emotionally gathering courage to conquer my house so that someday when the opportunity arises we can move without major problems.

Liza’s art work… I love this for lots of reasons. 1. First time for liza using scissors and stick glue. 2. Sorting by colors is a first too. This one is definitely going on the fridge!

Truman would rather hold the pettit’s new chicks than go see big hero 6 at the sticky shoe theater. This is why we need to live on a farm. . . For Truman.

Abe solved the Rubik’s cube. After hours and hours of practicing, he has accomplished this feat. For mastering this skill and proving he had motivation to conquer, he earned a new Brain Game – the Perplexus maze ball.

Simplicity brings Freedom quote. It is much easier to read about decluttering and simplifying than actually doing it. I guess you have to realize that all the hard work is going to be worth it to be closer to the tidy life/home you see aiming for. How to do this amidst mothering, I’m not sure.

Maybe she always gets to be the princess because 1. The dresses fit her. 2. She’s way too adorable to ever be the bad guy/mother.

Mother Gothel… Why is it that I always have to play the part of mother gothell? Can’t I be rapunzel for once. Last week I was allowed to be the fairy godmother instead of the wicked step mother. Moms always get the hard part. #maybeineedtobeanicermom

There’s the brief summary of our life as of late.
I know there is LIGHT … even when I’m in the trenches, I see the LIGHT.
Somedays it’s harder than others, I admit.
But there are always BLESSINGS!

In fact… the other night when kissing Truman at bedtime, we talked about what to do the next day. He perked up and came up with a great idea to make a list of things to do at certain times. For some reason, my heart was so full of love for him… like my heart could explode from love. I love those moments.

Today, little Liza came right into my face and with her cutest voice said something darling. She is in love with all her uncles and can’t wait to see them this summer so she was saying something about Uncle Phil and that he is family. Even though this girl is so full of spice and whines half the day over who knows what, my heart is so full of love for her… and all the kids in these bright moments.

love you.

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