Mom is like a magnet

Jimmy shared this scripture with me this past week.
Though I don’t have multitudes thronging me,
I do have littles pressing on me and needing constantly.

mark 3

This morning during family prayer, my eyes filled with tears.
Liza was crying because she got hurt.
Truman was laying on me.
Scotty was waiting in bed for me to get him.
Jimmy was heading off to Stake Meetings at 9 a.m.
which meant I knew I would be solo with 6 kids during church.
My body was weary from Tru pressing on me and wanting me to hold him.
I was fasting and thus my body had no energy.

What did the Savior do when everyone wanted him.
He retreated to the sea … or the mountains.

Not that I can have time alone whenever I want …
but I can rejuvenate and find Strength in Christ during quiet moments.

I think I can… I think I can…

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