Mother Dear, I love you so

I enjoyed a lovely mother’s day. I slept in (thanks hon!). I didn’t have early church meetings (thanks Bishop!). Tru was unexpectedly pleasant (yay!). I took a nice nap (thanks hon. sleep does wonders for me). The kids and Jimmy gave me some yummy treats and darling cards. We went to the Provo temple to enjoy some lovely fountains, flowers, and Spirit. I believe this was my best Mother’s Day ever.

I really enjoyed these portions of the essays that Nie Nie Shared.

Motherhood is….
By: Erin Shepard

Motherhood is purpose. No one can fill my shoes as a mother the same way I can.

Motherhood is practice. Some days my patience grows short. Sometimes I don’t have the most gracious answers. Sometimes I forget to brush her teeth, but each new day I get to try again.

Motherhood is a sacrifice. Some days I am not sure I can bear. Some days it’s more energy and time than I have. Other days it’s filled with such joy and magic, time stands still and I have the energy to see the world from a toddler’s perspective.

Motherhood is selflessness. It is kindness in its gentlest form. Motherhood is the most important teaching job I will ever have and the most important CEO position I can hold in the most important company I know…my family.

Being a mother is happiness and priceless. It is my reason to continue to fight a good fight.

Motherhood is…
by: Ani Taylor

I learned a lifetime of lessons on motherhood during those short months of feeling torn between my two daughters. I learned that I can’t always be the kind of mother I want to be, exactly when I want to be. I learned that no one knows my children like I do, and no one needs me like my children do. But the most important thing I learned about motherhood was to simply love my child, and that was something that I could do, no matter what my circumstances were.

I have the unfortunately perspective of losing a child. I wish my life was busy with two, little daughters, but instead, I have a new vision of what it really means to be a mother day in and day out. It is not just about the snotty noses, carpools and the endless demands for snacks. It is about loving my children. It is about giving my whole self to them. It is about forgetting the world, the expectations, and the “To-Do” lists. It’s about getting down on the floor, and really playing. It is about taking a few extra minutes to inhale your sleeping infant. It is about singing lullabies and whispering “I love you’s”. I have learned the difference between mothering, and being a mother.

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