never enough time

there is never enough time to do all that i desire.
such is life, i suppose.
and thus we prioritize
to sleep, eat, & work
and attempt to save energy and emotional strength
for the essentials of family life.
blogging and journal writing is something that keeps me going
but whenever i feel behind on it, i freeze.
where do i even begin again?

there’s the lesson i taught.
the lessons i’ve learned.
the funnies from the kids.
the hard days.
the days of sunshine.
the food i adored and took a picture of.
the trip we took.
the vacation it wasn’t
(not that it wasn’t fun… it just was constant work & a bit o’ adventure thrown in)
the book i read and want to share.
the important after-school moments/conversations with kids that need to be remembered.
the thoughts/questions i ponder and want to explore.
the testimony i want to voice.
the friends who have served us.
the pictures i love.
the tender mercies given.
the paintings i connect with.
the colors that cheer.
the people i love and want to remember.
so many things to ponder.
to share.
but living is more important than blogging… and thus we live.
but the day/time for blogging will come and hopefully my wee little brain can remember
and have energy for all that i hope to record.
someday my 100s of drafts might get published in the family record.

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