Night Games: Relief from Stress

Today was stressful with d.i. runs…
to sorting out all our crud that needs to be organized or junked…
to broken sprinkler pipes x2.
To meeting with realtor.
To realizing how much work we have before Monday and our home is listed to sell.
to single-mothering over dinner and baths and bedtime.
[bless the souls who watched our children today though… major blessing!!!]

but … i’ll tell ya… best time of the day was about 7:30.
My alarm on my phone rang alerting me it was time for scripture study.
Scotty was in the bath and the rest of the house was quiet.
Very quiet.

After Scotty decided he’d walked around in the bath enough…
and tried to get out himself…
we went downstairs to find it dark with all the kids outside playing Night at the Museum.
They were happily playing together… yes, together. [one for the record books, people!]
It brought joy to my heart.
2015 10 October
We’ve had so much stress at home with all we need to do for the move and I know the kids feel it.
I’m so glad they took time to play and de-stress.
I felt especially glad that they finally got to play their night game.
This summer they wanted to but it was still light so late.
Tonight was the perfect time…
one last night-game hurrah before we move [on October 15th, by the way].

Childhood is good for everyone’s soul.

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