No more BARFing, please.

Just yesterday I was thinking to myself (with a grateful heart) that we had been pretty lucky to avoid having lots of barfing sicknesses in our family over the past 8 years. Munch… crunch… I’m now eating my words. Shouldn’t have thought it… nope. Things swiftly change.

Abe must have caught a flu bug yesterday at school. He came home just fine but after a few hours said his stomach hurt. I thought he was hungry and told him he could wait an hour for dinner. Well… he was for real sick. Oops. Poor boy. He tried to eat a bit of dinner but couldn’t. So Hannah helped him set up a bed upstairs (She’s a great little nurse). Right before bed… barfo. Gross! But – he made it in the bowl. Yay!

Anyhoo… nobody wants to read a big long blah about barf. I’ll make a long night and story a bit shorter … Max and Abe were still under the weather this morning. Though Tru didn’t have the barfs he is going on a week with a green goobie nose. So… 3 little sickie boys…. what to do? I’ll just say it was a long day.
I think it’s a 24-hour thing and hopefully Hannah won’t get it and we’ll be in the clear. Please!

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