Scripture a Day: Feb 1

Well now… my goal in January was to share a Scripture a Day. Looks like I only did that on 6 days. At that rate, in order to get up to 30, looks like I’ll be doing this for 5 months. So – I figured I’d keep a goin’ the next little while.

My sister Janey might chuckle that I’m sharing this scripture ONCE again. But she knows how I love, love, love it! It gives me the Moroni Trumpet feeling deep inside. GLORIOUS Gospel Truth… and HOPE! Onward Sisters!!!

And a quote to go along with it that one of my former YW shared on Facebook. Such a good message:

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  1. april
    april says:

    oh my- I just read that scripture when Chay and I taught the 5th Sunday class on Sunday- that scripture is about FAMILY HISTORY!!!! I love family history! Just found a couple last week on familysearch and we were able to do all their work besides getting them sealed- that is tonight!

    oh and so the President Hinkley quote…I need that on my fridge. I need to remind my over dramatic daughter who gets easily stressed that everything is going to be OK.

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