Scripture a Day: Feb 15

I know I’m taking this scripture out of context… but this is how I feel lately. For the past 5 days I’ve been completely out of it with a nasty virus. It takes most of my energy to breathe in and out… and cough. Heavenly Father has sent so many angels to watch over us. Jimmy has been an angel carrying much of the parenting and house duties. My mom saved the day yesterday. She watched tots while I rested, made dinner and treats, had a fabulous valentine’s party with the kids while I went to the doctor, completely cleaned the kitchen, and cheered our hearts. Sisters listened with kind hearts to my tears and fears. A good neighbor Wendi brought us a nice dinner tonight. So kind! Another friend brought soup and rolls unexpectedly a week ago. It soothed my cold and heart. Unseen angels watched over Truman this morning in what could have been a fatal situation. I was busy tending to a major messy bloody nose with Max and wasn’t able to be everywhere at once. My heart rejoices to know that Heavenly Father sends angels to watch over and care for us. We are blessed … so BLESSED!

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  1. April
    April says:

    Wow Heather, aren’t we so blessed to have Angels to help us when we need them. I love your little scripture thingies- can I save them and print them out for my girl’s room? My girl’s room has a lot of yellow in it- just wondering? I LOVE what you do!

    and Freaky about the earthquake- I am going to update my 72 hour kit this week and cory all documents and send them to Grandma’s this week.

    I got the chills when you talked about the earthquake and mentioned “we can do hard things” I always wonder what the Lord will try us with.

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