2011: THREE little words… ONE big idea

I’ve been thinking for a few months now about my ONE LITTLE WORD for 2011. I kept coming back to all things I need to CHANGE in our home and our lifestyle to not just survive my life as mother but to ENDURE WELL … HAPPILY. So yes, I’m breaking all the One Little Word rules… and changed it to be One BIG idea… three LITTLE words.

Create = the action
Positive = all good, uplifting, onward, inspired of God
Change = to improve or make better

For a long time now, I’ve felt like we need to evaluate our life… see what’s workin’, what’s not, what stresses, what relieves, what drains, what builds, what keeps us going (and do more of that!). I think it’s about a change of lifestyle and choices – to create the life we want to have. So – looking forward to that in 2011. It’s going to build some character because CHANGE is not always easy for this girl, especially if it involves more than just thinking about inspiring things… action girl! Action!

“In order to keep getting more of what you already have, keep doing what you are doing.
If you want something different, you must DO something different.”

Lucy MacDonald

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  1. Audra
    Audra says:

    You are always so inspiring! Whenever I need something to make me want to try harder as a mother, I just need to hop on over to your blog.

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