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No more BARFing, please.

Just yesterday I was thinking to myself (with a grateful heart) that we had been pretty lucky to avoid having lots of barfing sicknesses in our family over the past 8 years. Munch… crunch… I’m now eating my words. Shouldn’t have thought it… nope. Things swiftly change. Abe must have caught a flu bug yesterday […]

I’m an Amazon Mom

I heard recently about the benefits of joining Amazon Mom. At first I did it because there was no obligation and I got free Amazon Prime shipping for Christmas presents. Then I priced their diaper subscriptions and found I could save 6 cents + per diaper. Right now we buy LUVS at Walmart for 19 […]

Scripture a Day : 4

I guess I may not sneak these scripture posts in every day… as I seemed to miss day 3.  Anyhoo… this scripture I saw on the Thomas Kinkade painting in my piano room with this painting. LIGHT is always good… especially at 4 o’clock when all is crazy in the house. Hang on Heather!

The Adventures of Truman and Max

1. Piano Tunes from Tru 2. Emptying pots from the dishwasher (actually helpful!) 3. Unloading silverware (actually helpful!) 4. Max pushing Tru around the kitchen. Both loving it! Not safe, really! 5. Max trying to push Tru out of the picture.  I love Tru’s wee toothy grin. 6. Max feeding Buzz fishies. 7. A tower […]

2011: THREE little words… ONE big idea

I’ve been thinking for a few months now about my ONE LITTLE WORD for 2011. I kept coming back to all things I need to CHANGE in our home and our lifestyle to not just survive my life as mother but to ENDURE WELL … HAPPILY. So yes, I’m breaking all the One Little Word […]

Scripture a Day : 2

Usually with this scripture, I focus on the “I Will Go & Do.” But in my need for HOPE in my mission as mother and parent, when I read this, I thought of the commandment to “multiply, and replenish the earth” {Moses 2:28) and to “Train up a child in the way he should go” […]

Scripture a Day : 1

I had this idea for the post-holiday-blahs… to share a scripture-a-day in January… Mostly, it’s because I need some encouragement to be more diligent in my scripture study. And a scripture a day definitely won’t hurt … INSPIRATION is always good.