p.s. it’s Saturday night

p.s.  my love, Jimmy, had the delightful experience of gathering groceries at Walmart on Saturday night.  Generally he sticks to the list.  But tonight, he came home with potato chips, oreos, twizzlers, and lots o’ hot chocolate packets.  Mostly it was just funny because it’s not like him to do that.  Tonight I might have come home with Milano’s if I was doing the shopping.

p.s. Do you think it means I’m old when I need one of these to keep track of medications and vitamins? I mean – I’m almost 35. I seriously can’t remember 5 minutes after I’ve taken something. The one Jimmy bought for me (see above shopping trip)… was recommended by the arthritis society for easy open. Now I might actually remember to take all my vitamins. They should make these containers with alarms though too so I can take them on time.

p.s. Tru and Max seemed to pull a Freaky-Friday swap on us this afternoon. Tru started climbing all over the place and going down the slide. And Max got a glassy look in his eye and laid down on the couch with his juice. I’m glad Tru is on the mend … and am hopeful that Max only has a slight cold instead of the croup that it sounds like. ay-ay-ay.

p.s. the lights went out at the American Fork Temple today. Of course, nobody panicked. Work went on as usual. Love those smiley temple workers. Also… admire the courage of Adam and Eve. I highly doubt Eve was a whiney wife. Imagine going from living in the Garden of Eden… to the lone and dreary world… which I imagine would give any of us a fright. She was the first mother… and had to figure all that birthing and parenting stuff out without a mother to learn from. COURAGE! Love that example.

p.s. Remember when I had a soft coral colored shirt from Banana Republic… like back in high school. It was my favorite ever! I loved the color and it was so soft. Anyhoo… when I was in need of a new purse (p.s. several day old milk leaking from a sippy cup in a purse still stinks even after 3 washings)… I found the same style for half the price and it happened to be the awesome coral color of the banana republic shirt from days past. Fun for summer – eh. I love this purse because it holds water bottle or sippy cup on the outside side pockets (just remember to remove them same day)

p.s. we got barstools this week. yay! My friend moved and mentioned on her bloggie that their barstools were for sale. We snagged them quickly and got 3 nice sturdy ones for $60. I put the kids to work scrubbing them for Saturday Chores and they are really great. I only took a photo of the before… and I’m not posting the goobs on this blog. Excited about barstools!

p.s. I guess Max got a hold of the camera this week. I just downloaded the images and I saw this one of our computer screen. I do like this photo of our fam.

p.s. Hannah came home from school the other day with this hairdo that she had done herself. She looked like a cute little Scandinavian girlie.

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  1. angela davidson
    angela davidson says:

    I bet you already heard that Pantone’s color of the year for 2011 is honeysuckle — which looks a lot like the color of your new bag.

  2. Mary
    Mary says:

    Sooo, that shirt was the BEST. Remember how I begged and begged for you to let me wear it and you were always so nice and let me and then I’d sometimes hit you on the back really hard? Yeah, I was good like that… Anyway, I’m super glad that you got a new coral bag. Sorry your other one smelled like rotten milk though. I’m also super glad that I FINALLY got to read your super cool new blog. Yea!!! How did I not know about Tru? Is he okay? We’d better chat tomorrow… Love ya. My kids are all hungry and stuff and I’m writing a novel of a comment on here. K. Bye.

  3. Mary
    Mary says:

    Oh – one more thing. I totally use one of those pill things! My migraine pills that make me dumber than a box of rocks? Yeah, I never can remember if I’ve taken them or not and I’m supposed to take two a day. I had to buy one like 8 months ago. I felt like a moron. I’m glad you are with me! I was only 31!

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