Sometimes you get what you ask for

Remember how I asked for no more barfing… please? Except for one small incident with Max, we have been blessed with no more barfing.

BUT… now that we have no more barfing here at home, poor little Tru-Tru is worse. His eyes are red and runny. His nose is red and runny. He wants to snuggle instead of run. The doctor told us today that wee little Tru has a wee bit of crackling in his lung = pneumonia. Add that to his major congestion and croup, he’s a pretty sick kiddo. Poor little Tru-Tru. He got an antibiotic shot for the pneumonia, a dose of steroid to help the croup, and a round of amoxicillin for the next 10 days. I’m SO glad for the inspiration to take him in today. He got a priesthood blessing tonight and he sighed. Pray for Tru.

In other news: Max. This boy made me cry tears of JOY tonight. We were watching a movie and he was bouncing all over the couch behind us. He bounced over to me and gave me a big kiss on the cheek. Then he kept on bouncing. Even though he plants kisses frequently, this one really touched me. Then he sat on my lap and snuggled (a miracle for that energetic 3-year-old). Later, I was playing on the kitchen floor with him while dad made his hot chocolate. He is just plain happy. His smile glows. His laugh is so sincere and cute. When I tucked him into bed he requested a few songs. When we got to I Love to See the Temple, he sang along. It was sweet to me that though he hardly speaks full sentences, he can sing special little songs. Max is a JOY today. He is a little sunshine!

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  1. Mary S
    Mary S says:

    Oh no! I hope Truman feels better soon. He will be in our prayers.
    Max sounds like such a cutie. Someday I will have to meet him:)

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