Baby Scotty: Going Home!

IMG_4584-webWe were so ready to go home on Monday, Labor Day. The nurses discharged us quickly and we eagerly headed off. The kids and Grandma were delighted to have us home. Everyone took turns holding and loving Scotland. Now – to get into a new family routine with 6 kiddos! Aaaaah. I hope we survive. It’s a bit chaotic with lots of noise and kids who need mom and dad at the same time.
baby-scotty7-webSince being home I’ve tried to rest as much as I can. It’s harder to remember my pain meds (until my body is too achy) and drinking liquids… Every 4 hours = Norco. Every 8 hours = 3 Advil.

Jimmy stayed home the first week to parent the littles so I could rest. My incision is doing splendidly. My neck is hurting like crazy (from sleeping on my back and turning my head on my pillow … at the hospital). The labetelol bp meds had super annoying side effects for me. My scalp tingling (ie… itching like bonkers) was the weirdest side effect. I had a weird headache at the top of my head (nurse claimed it was from high bp, but I’ve never had a headache from my bp). Plus, I was all shaky. So first thing Tuesday morning, Jimmy took me to Dr. Christensen to get me a normal bp medication that I knew I could handle. Phew!

We’re glad to be home and settling in as a family of 8.

Now – to purchase a vehicle that will fit us all!
What to do?! 12-passenger van? Toyota Sequoia? 8-passenger Mini Van?

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