Little House on the Prairie: Sacrifice

Little House on the PrairieToday while Jimmy took the 3 boys to free How to Train your Dragon 2 movie, the girlies and Scotty stayed home. We watched some Little House on the Prairie episodes. I totally cried. I even guessed how the episode would end… but did the red-headed Scot papa really have to die? Way too sad. The harsh reality of life on the prairie.

So this is what I liked about the “100 mile walk” episode.

Grain is perfect and Pa is so excited for his first real crop …
will bring in like $125 cash which will get them horses and food for the winter.
Rain and hail. Crop is ruined. Pa is positive and claims, “what is one crop in a mans life?”
All the men in the area have to walk miles and miles (ya know… like 100 miles) to find work.
Pa’s boots are completely falling apart and are held together by string.
Charles comes into friendship with a Scot and a German who are looking for work.
German has a pair of new boots to share with Pa. Compassion!
These three men end up at a quarry site … hard physical labor.
They make enough $ to last the winter though they are gone for months.
In one scene the men were talking about how much they missed their families.
Good guys.
Anyhoo… sacrifice … for their families to survive.

40953663Meanwhile the women back home:
Caroline (who is definitely a Tie on your Bonnet sort-of-gal)
brings together the women in the community to harvest what wheat they can from the fields.
Some women are complainers and pessimists about their task.
Caroline agrees that the task would be impossible if they all worked as lazily as the complainers.
No-nonsense sort of gal!
They harvest the crop the old-fashioned way – as Ruth did in the Bible.
Gather the crumpled wheat into sheaths so it could dry properly.
They hit the wheat to break off the fruit.
Took it to the miller who ground it into bags of flour to share.
They worked hard at a task that seemed impossible…
it was all they could do to help their families at that time.
Prepare for tomorrow by working today!

Anyhoo… obviously it’s historical fiction and not real-life… but I believe the principles it teaches of sacrifice and hard work and endurance are good lessons to learn.

And here I am wishing I could have the $34,000 van instead of the $12,000 one.
Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven!

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